Lava rain afternoon

Lava rain afternoon

When I reached Lava Bazar from Dhaka via Siliguri, Kalimpong, it was afternoon. But with the rain falling throughout the day, the sky covered with clouds and the fog hanging over the entire Nayoravalley forest, it seemed as if it was evening. Looking at the watch, I realized that it was not evening, but only afternoon. It was 4 o’clock.

Getting out of the jeep, I wandered into the small brick-and-stone houses standing nearby to find a place to stay for the night, as cheaply as possible. But despite having so many lodges, I couldn’t find any place to stay, because it was not the tourist season. Because no one usually visits this area at this time. So everyone has used the rooms allocated for tourists. Because of that no clean or suitable house could be offered to tourists or empty. And there is no food hotel.

So what happens now? Where to stay and what to eat? I sat down on the side of the wet road feeling a little disappointed with that thought. And I took out the cake and coke from the safety equipment kept in the bag for all time. With this, I will cool my stomach for now, then I will find some way, inshallah. After spending a lot of time and enjoying a cake and coke for lunch, I started walking again to find a place to stay.

Now I started going down from the lava market. A little further forward and after searching in a few places, one of them came and asked if he wanted a room or not. Wow, that’s fine, he said, showing a room in a wooden attic. He also showed a room with a big bathroom, hot water, TV (it was not working), and a window with a view of the mountains. I am very happy in my heart, whether I can find a place to stay or not. And a little worried thinking that the rent should not take who knows how much?

But to my surprise, he asked 600 rupees for rent. I am happy in my heart. However, Bengali’s nature has to bargain a little, otherwise there is no value. I raffled for 400 and paid 50 to the caretaker and took a good room for a total of 450 taka. After taking a comfortable bath in warm water and light rest, I changed my clothes and went out. The rain is still falling. But who has the ability to keep me locked in the room in such a charming mountain afternoon, drizzling rain? So I went out ignoring the rain.

Going down slowly passing the hilly houses on both sides. After a little descent, the colorful monastery of lava came into view. The gate was open, so I entered without thinking. At the gate I met a local boy, who studies in Siliguri, came to visit as the college was closed. I went around with him and saw the beautiful monastery of Lava, the wonderful handicrafts in the mountain ridges, separate places for students to stay, study, eat. Then I walked in the rain to climb to the top of Lava Monastery. On slippery and slippery roads. A beautiful road has been cut through the mountain. In the distance, the stairs of the mountain stand in tiers. If the sky is not cloudy, you can see Kanchenjunga in the distance from there. said the boy.

Far away, we could see the much desired and rare Sikkim mountains, villages, roads, small cars running, small, medium and large mountain ranges befriending the Himalayas. I was walking, and seeing those mountains from a distance, I was heartbroken. Why doesn’t he let us go through that pain. That imperfection was filled instantly by the mountain peaks of the Lava Monastery, pouring rain, coffee and a small but rare dream cherished for a long time. How?

I reached the top of the monastery after about 10-15 minutes of walking. Where I was impressed was a coffee shop. I never thought that here, in this remote mountain village of Lava, there would be a coffee shop on the top of the hill, and there you would find steaming hot coffee. Ah, who gets me? A small but very rare dream that has been cherished in my heart for so many days has come to my hand like this.

The dream was like this… one day I will sit on the top of a mountain and watch the rain, touch the rain water, take an umbrella and sit on the top of that mountain with the rain and take a mug of steaming hot coffee, and touch the intoxicating taste of hot coffee on my lips!

It was as if that otherworldliness came down to this world, when I took a mug of steaming coffee in my hand, put an umbrella on my head and walked to the top of the lava mountain in the pouring rain. Ah, that moment was like a piece of heaven for me. And in my heart I was grateful to God, to this birth, to the earth, mountains, rain and such a colorful and beautiful life. Life is really beautiful, full of enjoyment and great blessings, if you ask for little and can find joy in anything.

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