Let’s go to charming char Vijay

Let’s go to charming char Vijay

Sound ripples all around. Green grass dances on the sand underfoot. So-so rhythm appeared on the wind train. This is like a song session in the language of nature. It would not be wrong to call the language of such a performance a poetry of the air instead of a song. Because, ‘Samudra’ presents all the events together in its own language. If you want to enjoy this beauty of the sea, you have to go to ‘Char Vijay’.

Where is Char Vijay?

Chor Bijoy is an island about 40 km southeast of Gangamati on Kuakata beach in Patuakhali district. The enchanting island that wakes up in the deep sea. The island with an area of ​​approximately five thousand acres is currently the center of a new tourism potential of the country.

Naming of Char Vijay

Photo: Andharmanik Travel Group

In December 2017, a group of wanderlust discovered the island. They named the island Char Vijay or The Victory Island because of its discovery in the month of Vijay. But to the local fishermen it is known as Hyer Char (fishing boundary).

Which is in Char Bijay

Char Vijay is alone in the migration of thousands of guest birds. It will seem that a bird’s world has been created here by the union of sky and water. Gang pigeons stop here with the fish caught from the sea or fish trawlers. There are various species of birds such as buck, conch, magpie, cuckoo, dove, chaga, gangchil, eagle, vulture, pankauri, snail etc. Various species of reptiles have made their homes here by tunneling through the sand. Sea turtles come here to lay their eggs in sand pits. Many other animals live here. There are about 30 species of animals including red crabs and gussaps.

The colorful flowers of the ocean grow in their own rhythm with the caress of the wind. About 2000 mangrove species are growing around the island, including Golpata, Chaila, Keora and Sundari trees.

Those who don’t get tired very easily, they go foraging on foot. Adventure-loving tourists come here, who walk from the start to the finish line. Of course, if you want to see the whole sea with your own eyes, you have to walk a little to reach the end. Standing at the end of Char, you can only see the beauty of the sea breaking the last coastline of the country.

Till now no people live here. There is no traffic except for fishermen and some tourists in the sea. The scenery here is a bit more beautiful. This is like a picture of a skilled artist painted on art paper with soft brush. Stepping on the island, it seems like a lonely land of deserted beaches. It is like a green paradise surrounded by abundant water.

Transportation and fares

There are several buses on the Kuakata route from Dhaka’s Sayedabad and Gabtali. Those buses can reach Kuakata directly. The fare is from 600 to 800 taka. Apart from this, it can be brought by launch on the way to Kuakata. In that case, you have to get down at Amtali Launch Ghat under Barguna District. The rent of single cabin at launch is 1400, double cabin is 2200 taka. The rent per person is 300 taka. Get down from the launch and come to Kuakata by local transport. It will cost another 150 rupees. You have to go to Char Vijay by local boat from Kuakata. Kuakata Beach has several travel services to show Char Bijay around. Assume – it will cost you more or less 500 rupees.

Stay and eat

There is no place to eat in Char Vijay, you have to stay in Kuakata. Hundreds of hotels and motels have been built to provide residential services to those arriving in Kuakata. Comfortable rooms starting from only 500 to 10 thousand taka are ready to serve the tourists. And there are multiple restaurants here to fulfill the food needs. In these restaurants, you will find a variety of sea fish and dried fish.


1 There are no shops in Char Vijay. So take necessary dry food and water from Kuakata.

2 Leave for Char Vijay in the morning and return to Kuakata by afternoon.

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