Let’s go to four exceptional beaches in Bangladesh

Let’s go to four exceptional beaches in Bangladesh

Amidst the busyness of city life, the mind wants to take a breath of relief. So, to relieve the fatigue of your monotonous busy life, you can visit the exceptional four beaches of Barisal division. You can easily reach four exceptional beaches. So let’s take a look at the exceptional four beaches of Barisal division.

Kuakata Beach

Kuakata Beach is located in Kalapara Upazila of Patuakhali. Sunrise and sunset views can be seen from this 18 km long beach. Another name of this beach is Sagarkanya. On the eastern side of the beach is the Gangamati forest. This forest was earlier part of the larger Sundarbans. Which is now protecting the village from the damage of the waves as a shield of water.

Tarua Beach

Location of Tarua Beach in Charfashion Upazila of Bhola. Its distance from the district headquarters is 150 km. After 135 km of paved road, you have to cross 15 km of waterway to get there. At this beach, tourists can simultaneously enjoy the vast waters of the ocean, the chirping of various types of birds, the sandy path and the breathtaking atmosphere of the mangrove forest. Apart from seeing diverse animals, the roar of the ocean calms the mind of the tourists visiting the island. Taito Tarua Island is known as one of the tourist centers of the country.

Laldia beach

Laldia Beach is located at Patharghata in Barguna. This paradise is located next to the Laldia forest at the mouth of Baleshwar and Bishkhali rivers. Here the sea on one side, forest on the other side, beach in between, such beauty is rare in nature. Jhowban has been built on Laldia beach. The 950m long foottrail (wooden footbridge) constructed in Haringhata forest has been extended to Laldia beach.

Good evening beach

This beach is located in Nalbunia of Nishanbaria Union of Taltali Upazila of Barguna marginal district close to the sea. The sand of the sea shore remains as an ornament for the feet of the tourists. The open air and eye-catching natural beauty of the endless sea shore is the attraction of the beach. The beach stands at the confluence of the three main rivers Payra, Bishkhali and Baleshwar in Barguna district with a youthful appearance. The plain is spread over an area of ​​about four kilometers long. On the one hand, the water level of the sea and on the other hand, the small number of tourists who come here are also enjoying the pleasure of breaking the dam.

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