Let’s go to Madhavakunda Falls

Let’s go to Madhavakunda Falls

Madhavakunda Jharna, known as the tallest waterfall in Bangladesh. There are many stories about the name of Madhavakunda. I had been planning to visit Madhavakunda Falls for a long time. So we ran from Sylhet towards Baralekha to Madhavakunda waterfall. Finally we arrived at Madhavakunda Falls area. Then we got down from the car and started moving forward. I bought a ticket. Earlier there was a dirt road but now it is a paved road. We are moving forward through the crooked path. Now the sound began to float in the ears. Within a short time the desired Madhavakunda Falls became visible.

This rhyme Madhavakunda falls down to Madhavachara. Normally, water flows in one main stream, when monsoon comes, another small stream forms next to the main stream, and in full monsoon, both streams merge into one stream of water. As this huge flow of water falls, a big pool is created below. The water of this Madhavachara flows westward and joins the Hakaluki Hawar. At a walking distance of 15-20 minutes from Madhavakunda Jharna is another spring known as Pari Kunda Jharna. We dipped our feet in the pool. It’s a different feeling. Then we went to the Shiva temple next door, this temple is very old. It is said that Mahadeva or Shiva’s earlier name is Madhava and hence his appearance-place is called Madhavakunda.

how to go

There are many good quality chaircoach buses on Dhaka-Bianibazar route from Syedabad Bus Terminal in Dhaka. Among them are Rupsee Bangla Express, Shyamoli. Apart from that there are also buses of Ena Paribahan. The rent will be 350 to 450 taka. If you come directly by bus like this, you will get off at a place called Kanthaltal a little before Baralekha. Madhavakunda is not far from here. But if you want to go near Madhavakunda peak you must take CNG powered auto rickshaw or rickshaw from here. CNG fare will cost 15-20 taka per person, and if you rent the whole, it will cost around 100 taka. In this case, you must bargain in advance.

Apart from that you can also come by train from Kamalapur. In this case you have to board Dhaka-Sylhet intercity train and get down at Kulaura station. The trains include Jayantika, Parabat, Upban. Upaban Express leaves Kamalapur at 10 pm and reaches Kulaura at 5 am. The rent will be 300 to 800 taka. The distance from Kulaura to Madhavakunda is about 35 km, you can book a CNG-powered autorickshaw from here and go directly to Madhavakunda. The rent will be 300 to 400 taka.

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