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Let’s go to Mayadweep

Let's go to Mayadweep

Let’s go to Mayadweep

Let’s go to Mayadweep

About a hundred years ago, a beautiful island that arose on the Meghna River is called Mayadip. Mayadwip is located just four kilometers by river from where Isha Khan once established the capital of Bengal. The beautiful island is well known as Nunnertek to the local residents.

However, why this island is called Nunertek is still not known exactly. But some locals think that there was once salt in this river, and that’s why many call the island Nunertek. About 40 years ago, another island arose in the village of Nunertek. The island was divided into three parts – Guchchagram, Sabujbagh and Rajuna Char. The vast expanse in front of Guchchagram is today’s Mayadip. One can enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty there.

The view of fishermen fishing in Meghna waters can be enjoyed in this island. Apart from this, the feeling of seeing nature very closely is available in this island. And so many tourists from far and wide flock to this island due to the pull of nature. But the sad thing is, the island exists under water during monsoons. Then only a small part of the island floats in the chest of Meghna. However, in the dry season the island wakes up again, calling back for those lost tourists. In a word, Mayadip is an incredible grassland that wakes up on the chest of Meghna. The island is an ideal place for nature lovers. Because, Mithali nature with greenery has given the island a special shape.

Ways to go to Mayadip

Mayadip is originally included in Narayanganj district. It is located in Nunertek village of Bardi Union of Sonargaon Upazila. Gulistan is the first place to visit when traveling from the capital to Mayadip. Then take an AC or non-AC bus from Doyle, Swadesh or Boracay and go to Mograpara intersection. In this case, the bus fare will be 35 to 50 taka per person. Then take any auto rickshaw from Mograpara intersection and go to Bardi Baidyerbazar. Let’s say one thing here, if someone wants to take his own car, then he can go. Because the transportation here is good. Then Bardi came to Baidyerbazar and went to Meghna River Ghat. From there, hire a boat or trawler on hourly contract (Tk 200) or day contract (Tk 1200) as required and travel to Mayadip. In this case, it will take 20-25 minutes to reach Mayadip.

Some useful tips

If you want to spend time in Mayadip, take some dry food with you. And yes, definitely take pure drinking water. Because, you will not get any kind of food on the island. But before coming to Mayadip, you will get all the accessories in Bardi Baidyerbazar. It is best to travel to Mayadip with a group of people.

what not to do

1. Avoid any food offered by strangers.

2. Never drink river water.

3. To protect the environment, avoid littering in the island and river water. If possible, make others aware of this. Always come forward to protect the balance of the environment.

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