Let’s go to Motirhat Meghna River plains

Let’s go to Motirhat Meghna River plains

The wave comes. Play the waves. fell off Touching the edge of the beach formed by the alluvium of the estuary, the sight surprises the eyes of travelers. Travelers get lost in Auchinpur while enjoying the view of waves crashing along the stretch of beach. Many people mistakenly think of Cox’s Bazar beach or Kuakata beach after seeing the mesmerizing beauty of Meghna River. But no one can deny that it is nothing for the people here.

Rising on the eastern bank of the Meghna River, this potential sight-seeing place is locally known as ‘Motirhat Meghna Beach’. It is located at Char Kalkini, Kamalnagar, Lakshmipur District. Dhaka, Chittagong, Bhola-Barisal waterways are becoming popular day by day among nature lovers. The colorful water on the river’s chest, the free cool air, the visiting visitors enjoy the frenzy.

Some lose themselves in the world of music in the drunken air of spring. Sing out the tune and sing. Walk on the sandy path of Belabhumi. Motirhat Meghna bank to the south from Meghna bank protection dam is such a beach one kilometer. Some people indulge in football and cricket craze on this wide beach.

which you will see

If you look at the huge estuary of the river, you will see various scenes. Small and big boats will be seen. The boats dance to the rhythm of the waves. Fishermen are making a living with that boat. Throwing nets in the estuary, catching hilsa. They are taking them to the fish market for sale. Fishermen plan well in advance to catch hilsa. Every day at two times of tide, fishermen go to the river to hunt hilsa. You can see the well-known scene of fishermen hunting hilsa as soon as you hear the sound of boats from very close.

Another attraction of the Meghna ‘beach’ is the green nature on both sides. The view of green trees on the banks of the Meghna and the breathtaking view of the Meghna estuary are combined as one. People of all ages throng to enjoy such a sight—morning, noon or evening.

However, this beach is not visible during high tide. Again, if the intensity of water in the river is low, this scene is usually seen. When the river is low in the morning, the colorful light of the sun blends into the sky creating a wonderful scene. Again the sunset is also quite enjoyable at this ‘beach’. One can get lost in the wonderland at the sunset view here.

The view of the tides at Belabhumi is also great. When the tide comes in, the water gradually rises from the bottom to the top of the entire beach. The sight of water filling the beach in no time is natural, which is enjoyable for anyone.

Open your soul and enjoy

This place, which is built in the wonderful scenic beauty of nature, has already attracted the attention of visitors from near and far. Many tourists and many organizations have set foot on the Meghna ‘beach’ in Matirhat. The beautiful scenery here will touch anyone’s heart. Anyone can walk a long way along the Belabhumi path. It is not permissible for anyone to bathe in the river if they wish. There are both ‘beaches’ and embankments. And there is a huge coconut-supari plantation on the banks of the river, where it is not a problem to spend the day.

Where will you stay 

No residential hotel has yet been built in Motirhat. District town must be selected for overnight stay. Several guest houses of good quality have been established in the district town. There are two residential hotels of superior quality. Heritage Convention and Star Guesthouse in Bagbari and Sonar Bangla Residential Restaurant and Muktijoddha House in Chowk Bazar are among them. In that case, you will spend 150 to 2000 rupees.

Where to eat ?

You can have breakfast or dinner at the guesthouse. The interesting thing is that if you visit during the day, you can also have lunch on fresh hilsa on the Meghna banks of Motirhat. And don’t forget to taste the authentic buffalo curd. If you want, you can bring hilsa from the riverside ghat and curd from the hotel or curd shop. But remember, as hilsa is fresh, so is curd.

Warning for travelers

Usually, when the river is low, you will see huge banks. But at high tide the arrow will be completely submerged. If you do set foot during low tide, however, you must watch out for rising river water. If the water rises, there is also a risk of water inundation. Care should also be taken that the feet do not slip while walking along the river bank. The Meghnati should not be polluted by you under any circumstances, eg chips, packets of Chanachur should not be thrown into the Meghnati. This may damage the environment of the river and the Meghna River.

How to go to Motirhat Meghnati

By road from Syedabad Bus Terminal in the capital Dhaka by bus or by launch from Sadarghat Launch Terminal via Chandpur to Jhumur Station in the district city, then by any vehicle on Laxmipur-Ramgatti Regional Road, get down to Torabganj and reach Meghnapad via Motirhat Road. If you go to launch, the cost will be 890 taka and if you go by bus, the total cost will be 970 taka.

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