Let’s see ‘Brahmaputra in Bakribi border’- Bangladesh

Let’s see ‘Brahmaputra in Bakribi border’

Surrounded by trees. The silent wave of blue water catches the eye. Brings peace to the mind – the shade of trees, the enchanting breeze, the hope of tourists. After the monotony of classes and labs all day long, students also come to seek peace. Sparrows are seen in the afternoon. In the fall there are chats, singing sessions to the tune of the guitar. This is the view of the Brahmaputra river flowing along the border of Bangladesh Agricultural University (Bakribi) located in Mymensingh.


The river Brahmaputra flows along the boundary of the Bakribi campus. And this river has become a center of entertainment for people around Mymensingh including university students. So everyone rushes to Brahmaputra when they get some time.

what you see

Small dinghy boats can be seen here. The sailor sings in his heart and sails. The environment changes with the movement of birds. The river began to call with a sweet voice. I want to stand by the river and watch the boats go by.

After noon, everyone’s traffic on the river bank started to increase. Then the calm atmosphere of the tired river creates a different illusion. This quietness of the river bank charms anyone. As the afternoon progressed, the crowd and noise increased. Just then, the colorful sailing boats started. Going from one side of the river to the other is only 20 taka. Again, with an hour contract for 100-150 taka, you can go around the river in a group.

On the other side of the river there is some grass, where the locals grow crops. There are small villages not far away. There are several tea stalls along the river. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the river while drinking tea. Therefore, people from nearby areas and even from far and wide flock here. When you come here, the mind is light. Clear air, chest full to breathe.

Also Bangladesh Agricultural University has flower gardens, mango, litchi gardens, green fields, lakes, fish museum, agricultural museum, central mosque, various crop fields, fish farming ponds, cattle farms, aesthetic roads and various spectacular sculptures. If you go to see Brahmaputra, you will see these beauties of Bakribi.


Bangladesh Agricultural University campus can be reached by rickshaw or auto rickshaw from Dhaka by bus or train to Mymensingh. You can go to Mymensingh from Dhaka for 250-400 Tk. It will take two and a half to three hours to travel from Dhaka to Mymensingh. Buses depart from Mohakhali.

Besides, if you want to travel by train, you can go directly to Mymensingh. Class wise fare is 120 to 280 taka. It will take 3 to 4 hours to go.

Stay and eat

You can rely on hotels and restaurants of different quality in Mymensingh city. If you are from a distance, it is better to negotiate the price first.

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