Let’s see Jacob Tower

Let’s see Jacob Tower

Bhola is the only island district in the country. Considering the geographical location which is surrounded by rivers and Bay of Bengal. With the traditional play of tides and the free roaming of Gangchils, small islands, green forests, lush grasslands, this district has an abundance of travel and pleasure. Especially Charfashion and Manpura Upazila now have great potential in tourism industry. Another attraction of tourist potential in Rani Bhola of the island is the towering Jacob Tower. So at the end of the corona period, let’s take a look at Charfashan’s Jacob Tower.

This tower, one of the tallest in South Asia, has been built to enhance the aesthetic beauty of Charfashan Upazila. This watch tower has been built on the model of the Eiffel Tower, which has been named ‘Charfashion Tower’ or ‘Jacob Tower’. This magnificent tower was built to make this area more attractive to tourists by using modern science and technology along with the immense natural beauty of the grasslands on the lap of the Bay of Bengal.

Jacob Tower is named after the visionary of this tower, MP Abdullah Al Islam Jacob of Bhola-4 Constituency. Standing at Jacob’s Tower, the calm waters of the Tentulia River in the west, the turbulent waves of the Meghna River in the east, and the vast expanse of the Bay of Bengal with Char Kukrimukri in the south will come into view. High-powered binoculars have been kept, so that various things can be seen in an area of ​​100 square kilometers. It is the highest illuminated tower in Bhola Charfashion. The designer of the tower is eminent architect Kamruzzaman Liton.

According to Upazila LGED information, the height of the tower is about 225 feet. This spectacular 17-story tower was built next to the Khasmahal Mosque in Charfashan City with the funding of the Ministry of Local Government and the supervision of the municipality. The 8-level earthquake-resistant tower has a state-of-the-art capsule lift with a capacity of 16 people along with stairs to reach the top. The tower is surrounded by 5 mm diameter transparent glass on aluminum. There are 70 stone cast pile foundations 75 feet below the ground. The tower built on it is completely made of steel. The top floor of this tower has a coffee house system. The construction cost of the tower is around 20 crore rupees.

Apart from this, there are several other beautiful places near the Jacob Tower. Char Kukarmiukari, Dhalchar along with the surrounding forest area gives tourists of any age the softness of nature. The lifestyle of the people surrounded by the river and the sight of fishing in the midst of strong waves become an added bonus of the Bhola trip for the tourist.

Transportation: It is impossible to go to Bhola without the river route. Launches depart for Charfashan daily under normal conditions from Dhaka Launch Terminal. If you board those launches from Dhaka Sadarghat in the afternoon, you will reach Charfashion Ghat the next morning. Single cabins can be found in these launches for 800 to 1000 rupees. Cabin for two is 1800 to 2000 taka. The launch deck rent is Tk 200 to Tk 250 per person. You have to get down at the launch ghat and take local transport to Charfashan Municipality. It will cost you 70 to 80 taka more to reach from the ghat to the municipality. There are several residential hotels and restaurants near the Jacob Tower for accommodation.

Maybe because of the lockdown, travelers are now living in captivity. Looking forward to traveling after the Corona period. Everyone’s life will become normal again. The period of house arrest will end. You will also be eager to travel. Put Jacob Tower on your bucket list. 

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