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Let’s see the shape of Svarupakathi

Let's see the shape of Svarupakathi

Let’s see the shape of Svarupakathi

Let’s see the shape of Svarupakathi

Swarupkathi is a green-fresh township built on the banks of Sandhya River. This area of ​​Nesharabad Upazila of Pirojpur District is famous for its trees. This is like a town of trees. The entire area is so densely covered with trees that it is difficult for sunlight to reach the ground. Swarupkathi is like a botanical garden for nature lovers.

All the wood for making house-furniture is available here, starting from small tree saplings. Thousands of flower and fruit seedlings are produced in hundreds of nurseries in this region. Those saplings go to the hands of wholesalers in the remote areas of the country including Dhaka. Seedlings of plants which are hard to find are also available here very easily. Most of the beautiful flower tubs that can be seen on the balcony of offices or residential flats in Dhaka, most of the plants are born in Swarupkathi. For these reasons Swarupakathi is called the house of trees.

There is no way to find wasteland anywhere here. Swarupkathi has a lot of amla, guava, betel nut and coconut trees. So dubb-coconuts, brooms, brooms, coconut sticks, etc. are also sold here at wholesale rates.

Every day there is a stall selling tree saplings or wood. However, the market is held here on Monday and Thursday. On that day, Swarupkathi is full of wholesale buyers and sellers. Not only the entire Barisal division, hundreds of wholesalers from many distant districts come here to buy trees that day. Lakhs of rupees are traded in this famous market.

How dependent the people of riverine Bangladesh are on the river and boats can be understood very well when you come here. It is difficult to find a family without a boat. Marriage, market, trade, transportation, movement and all activities including boats are the most important here.

If you take a little time to visit this tree kingdom, you will also see Nesharabad Darbar Sharif, witnessing the history of the Jalabari Zamindar house, eight-house Kuriana guava garden, floating vegetable garden, floating rice market, Adamkathi ashram, huge amra and betel nut orchards. Geographically very close to Swarupakathi are Madhava Raja’s Durgasagara and Santoor Mosque. Sherbangla is the birthplace of AK Fazlul Haque in Banaripara. There is a museum decorated with useful furniture and goods of Sher-e-Bangla for the visitors. Apart from this, you can see many things including traditional Fazlul Haque College, floating market. 


Swarupkathi can be reached directly from Dhaka Syedabad and Gabtali by bus at a fare of Tk 550-900. Swarupkathi can be taken directly by launch from Dhaka Sadarghat. Apart from this, Swarupkathi can be reached by local vehicle via Barisal by night launch from Sadarghat. So take a look at Svarupakathi Svarup. You will be welcomed by the gentle nature there.

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