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Let’s visit the ‘Hilsha’s house’

Let's visit the 'Hilsha's house'

Let’s visit the ‘Hilsha’s house’

Let’s visit ‘Hilsha’s house’

Chandpur is the confluence of Padma, Meghna and Dakatiya rivers. Many hilsa are caught in the estuary of three rivers every year. The country’s largest hilsa market has been established here. Chandpur, one of the breeding grounds of Hilsa fish, is called ‘Home of Hilsa’. People flock to this hilsa market from different parts of the country to eat and buy hilsa. This hilsa goes to different countries across the country including different districts.

Hilsa stands on the ghat since morning. There are some simple ways to identify Hilsa in Chandpur. Hilsa here is very shiny silver color. Elsewhere the hilsa has a silver color with a reddish tint. Among the hilsa, Chandpur Tenualosa hilsa is unique in its taste, smell and appearance. Many people think that big hilsa has more taste. But the real taste of hilsa is 700 to 800 grams in weight. If it is bigger than this, the taste of hilsa decreases. This Hilsa is called ‘Gadapura Hilsa’ in the local language. 700 to 800 rupees per kg.

The price of hilsa in the market is almost the same except for Pahela Baishakh. Hilsa weighing 700 to 800 grams is 700 to 800 taka, one kilogram weighing 900 to 1000 taka, 1.5 kg weighing 1400 to 1500 taka. Apart from this only hilsa eggs are also available to buy. Each box of eggs is around 1800 to 2000 taka.

Apart from Hilsa, Chandpur has the estuaries of Padma, Meghna and Dakatiya rivers. Meghna and Padma can be found only by boat crossing from the estuary. On the way, the fishermen fishing on the river, the sound of the huge water and the cool breeze of the river will touch your mind. Along with the sand, the rough waves of the river will make you lost for a while at Cox’s Bazar beach. Hence it is named Mini Cox’s Bazar. There is a fair of Kashful in Bali. Returning from Char, it cannot be understood without seeing the beautiful scene of the red sun hiding on the riverbed before dusk.

Chandpur is rich in the memories of the liberation war. Here is the sculpture ‘Angikar’ built on the lake. At the mouth of the river stands the sculpture ‘Raktadhara’ commemorating the sacrifice of three million martyrs. The heart of this city is ‘Ilish Chatwar’. Bangladesh’s only fisheries research institute is also in Chandpur. This small riverside town is full of natural beauty.

Chandpur is a very nice place as a day tour. River trip and Hilsa will be eaten together. The view of nature and sunset will blow people’s minds. Family and friends can visit Ilisha’s home in Chandpur.


Small hotels have been built on the banks of the river near the hilsa market. “If you buy hilsa fish, we will fry it immediately. Roasting dry chillies, lentils, bharta with hot rice will enhance the taste of the food,’ said Jamal while frying the hilsa. How much money to fry hilsa? When asked, he said, “I’ll take two or three hundred.” Apart from this there is one minute’s famous ice cream and sweets. 40 rupees per ice cream.

where to stay

If you want to stay overnight, auto rickshaw fare is Tk 10 from Launchghat to the city. There are various quality residential hotels in the city. There are also some hotels on the banks of the river, where the view of the river can be seen from the windows. You can stay safely in these cheap hotels.

How to come

Chandpur is a three-hour launch trip from Dhaka’s Sadarghat. The journey will end with the cool breeze of the river and the beauty of the surroundings without any fatigue. The launch seats are non-AC (180/-), AC (250/-) and cabin (500/-). There are launches almost every hour. The town of hilsa is only after landing at Chandpur Ghat from the launch. From the launch ghat, you can take a rickshaw/auto rickshaw to the hilsa market for just 15 taka. Five minutes walk from there is the mouth of three rivers. Mini Cox’s Bazar by boat from Mohana. 60 to 80 taka per person for boat rental.

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