Metrorail travel experience in Iran

Metrorail travel experience in Iran

When Bangladesh entered the era of metro rail, the memory of the metro rail journey in Ispahan city of Iran, after a long period of exile, came to mind. 

Getting up every morning, my fastest time to attend duty at the hospital was Metrorail. Being a regular passenger of Metrorail, I bought a digital card. Also, with this one card it was possible to pay the fare of all buses traveling within the city including Metrorail by punching the card. Having a card is very important for a city dweller in Iran.

Once the card is recharged, there is no need to recharge for a long time. As the metro rail fare in Iran is currently 25 thousand Riyals, which is only 7 Taka when converted to Bangladeshi Taka. For those who do not have a digital card, the fare is slightly higher to encourage passengers to purchase the card. Best of all, one punch of the card allows you to travel from one end of the city to the other at a fixed fare. One fare for both near and far passengers.

Almost all major cities in Iran have metrorail facilities for the public. Metrorail lines are mostly underground. The railway in the capital Tehran is known as the largest subway in the Middle East. The distance from one station to another station in the city is four-five minutes and there is a one-minute break between the journeys for passengers to get on and off at the station, but if the number of passengers is high, then the driver is a little late.

Every station is well decorated and the cleanliness in the station is noticeable. There are many facilities for passengers such as purchase of food from digital boxes, purchase of books, along with provision of separate chairs for passengers to sit. There is also a separate dustbin for garbage disposal. Apart from this, each station has a separate police room for security.

Not to mention, the stations also have lifts for the elderly and disabled.

The name of the station is shown on the digital screen in each compartment of the train. Along with this, the speaker helps the passengers to reach the specific destination by telling the name of the station.  

Besides, the first one or two compartments of every train are reserved for female passengers and male passengers are not allowed to enter there. Buses everywhere in Iran also reserve half of the bus for women, either at the front or at the back of the bus. As a result, women feel comfortable on the way.

After traveling by metro rail in Iran, I thought when will I be able to travel by metro rail in Bangladesh. While talking about this journey, I also reached the destination of my thoughts, now Bangladesh will have the opportunity to travel by metro rail. Metrorail is a big find for Bangladesh, though of late. Let’s move forward my homeland this wish.

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