Nikli Haor is a huge water body across Kishoreganj

Nikli Haor is a huge water body across Kishoreganj

Nikli Haor is a huge water body across Kishoreganj. Small villages are floating in water. Hijal tree standing alone in the water. A row of semi-submerged karach trees. Sunlight hide and seek game on water. The whiteness of the distant blue sky. The beauty of Mithamain-Ashtagram-Etna road surrounded by mountains on both sides. In the evening, the moonlit boat ride and the sound of water lapping. Surrounded by natural beauty, the magnificent scenery of Haor will captivate anyone’s heart. Nikli Haor in Kishoreganj is the best decision for you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city in a day.

When will you go to Nikli Howre?

Toitumbur has Haor water in full monsoon. All around is water and water. Sometimes small villages like islands. Other times the hair dries up. Can’t move by boat. So during monsoon, it is best to visit Haor during full monsoon.

Why go to visit Nikli Haor?

Nikli is three to three and a half hours away from Dhaka. Anyone can visit in one day if they want. Traffic is safe in Howar. You can go almost everywhere by boat. Here you can see the life of the people of the rural society up close along with the huge water body of Haor. A person from Dhaka will spend only 1200 to 1500 taka to visit Nikli in one day.

how to go

You can go to Nikli Haor by car, bus or train from anywhere in the country. Take 220 taka from Dhaka’s Mohakhali or Sayedabad by bus. From Mohakhali to Jalsindi and Syedabad you will come directly to Katiyadi bus stand. It takes about 3 hours to go from Dhaka to Katiadi. After that you can go to Nikli Haor by reserving a CNG powered auto rickshaw from there. If reserved, the rent will be Tk. 350. 80 taka per head if you take single.

If you want to go by train, you have to take the Egarsindur morning train (closed on Wednesdays) from Dhaka’s Kamalapur or Airport railway station. Depart from Kamalapur at 7 am and reach Gachihata railway station directly. It will cost 125 to 200 taka (depending on the class) to come by train. It will take about 2 and a half to 3 hours by train. After arriving at Gachihata, get out of the railway station and rent an easy bike or CNG autorickshaw for 35 taka or reserve 250 taka. It will take one hour to reach Haor. 

If you want to go around in one day, you have to leave early in the morning. Otherwise you will not be able to complete the rotation.

where to eat

Basically Nikli doesn’t have much good quality food. But there are few restaurants in the market. It will be good to eat with fresh fish of fair quality. Apart from this there are some food hotels in the Nikli Embankment area. You can have lunch there. Among the food choices can be placed Haor fish, bharta. It will cost 150 to 200 taka per person.

boat rental

When you get down to the ghat, you will see rows of boats tied up. You can rent a boat by bargaining with the sailors. Except Friday and Saturday, the boat fare is Tk 700-800 per hour. 500-600 rupees per hour if you travel more. 4500-5000 rupees if you rent a big boat for 25-30 people for the whole day. Boat fares are higher on Fridays and Saturdays. Big boat from 7000 to 9000 taka.

Places to visit in Nikli Howar:


Chathi Char is a union. There are rows of semi-submerged tall green karach trees in the pastures of Sylhet’s Ratargul. Roots tangled in water. Usually everyone jumps into the water here. It is a good place to take a bath. Large rubber tires can be rented here for floating. The rent will be 40 rupees per hour. Plastic boats are available. You can’t understand how much pleasure it is to cruise between karach trees by boat. Small floating boats in the middle of the water offer snacks such as jhal muri, tea and chips. In 45 minutes to an hour the tour will be over here. If you take more time, you won’t have time to visit other places.

Mithamin-Ashtagram-Etna road

Narrow road between Haor water on both sides. There are many small and big bridges on the road. Standing on the bridge, the view of the haor, the fishing of the fishermen, the breeze will make anyone feel good in no time. If you ride a bike on this road, you can enjoy the real beauty. Apart from this, there are easy bikes for commuting. The fare is 160-180 taka per person. You can explore Ashtagram on Easybike. You can go to the house of the current President.

Qutb Shahi Mosque of Ashtagram

While visiting Ashtagram, you can see the Qutub Shahi Mosque built in Bengal Sultanate and Mughal architecture. This mosque has five domes. The mosque is named after the famous dervish Qutb Shah. Dervish’s grave is located next to the mosque.

Things to be careful about

Haor’s Athai Pani. If you don’t know how to swim, definitely carry a life jacket. Before boarding the boat, rent must be taken from the wharf. Each life jacket will cost Rs.50. It must be returned at the time of departure. If you want to stay in Howar at night, you must inform Nikli police station. Keep the boat close to the embankment at night. If the weather is not good, it is better not to stay at night. Take food and water with you before boarding the boat.

When will you return from Haor?

You have to board the boat before evening to visit Ashtagram-Mithamain. You will reach the ghat in one and a half to two hours by boat. In the evening, the moonlight in the sky, the silence around and the sound of the water will take you away somewhere. No one wants to leave this scene. But if you don’t want to stay overnight, you must arrive at the ghat between 8 am and 8:30 am. Then it will take about three to three and a half hours to reach Dhaka again from the ghat.

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