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Nilsagar Express Train: Schedule, Ticket Price, Counter Number

Nilsagar Express Train: Schedule, Ticket Price, Counter Number

Nilsagar Express is an intercity train that goes Dhaka to nilphamari and nilphamari to Dhaka as well. On this post you will know NilSagar Express train schedule and ticket price, stoppages. It’s the popular train on this road because of luxurious that will give you comfort while you are travelling. It started its very first journey on 24 January 2017. If you are looking for a train that runs from Dhaka cantonment station to chilahati nilfamari station then nilsagor Express is the best solution for you.  That’s why now I am writing all of important point of your journey including schedule, ticket price and stoppages as well.

Nilsagar Express Train Schedule

There are several train on this route but nilsagor Express is the well known. According to Bangladesh railway timetable nilsagor starts journey from Dhaka at 08:00 AM in the morning and it will take 9 hours 45 minutes (almost 10) to reach. It reaches to the destination I mean nilphamari station in the evening at 04:45 PM. The distance between Dhaka to nilphamari almost 526 kilometers by train. Monday is the off day of nilsagor if it starts running from Dhaka and the train is 765. On the other hand, when you will return or start journey from chilahati nilfamari station to Dhaka the schedule will be changed. It leaves Dhaka station in the night at 09:20 PM. and after a long time arrives to Dhaka at 07:10 AM. Sunday is off day on this route. On that time number of train will change by 766. I have added one table for your better understand on the below section. Just have a look at this, all of information adapted from Bangladesh Railway official website.
Destinations Off Day Departure Time Arrival Time
Dhaka to Chilahati Monday 08:00 AM 05:45 PM
Chilahati to Dhaka Sunday 09:20 PM 07:10 AM

Nilsagar Express train stoppages

Like the other trains, Nilsagor Express has break or stoppages points. In those break points, passengers can get on the train, and will be able to get down from the train. There are many who go to breakfast during breaks. They should be careful that breaks are only for ten to fifteen minutes. You need to take seats before the the break ends. Here is the sttoppages list of nilsagar train.
  • Dhaka Biman Bandor
  • Joydebpur
  • Tangail
  • Bangabandhu Bridge
  • Muladuli
  • Natore
  • Ahsanganj
  • Santahar
  • Akkelpur
  • Joypurhat
  • Birampur
  • Fulbari
  • Parbatipur
  • Syedpur
  • Nilphamari
  • Domar
  • Chilahati
You have seen from those list it has 17 different stoppage. If your destination or home located any of those stoppages then you will be able to take a seat from here, no need to go main station.

Nilsagar Express Substation wise Schedule (Dhaka to Chilahati)

If you want to go by train from the above stations, it is important to know the exact timing of those above stations. This is why we have mentioned the schedule for each substation below.
Substations Dhaka To Chilahati Chilahati To Dhaka
Dhaka 08:00 AM 07:10 AM
Dhaka Biman Bandor 08:40 AM 06:31 AM
Joydebpur 09:17 AM 06:05 AM
Tangail 10:22 AM 04:52 AM
Bangabandhu Bridge 10:52 AM 04:30 AM
Muladuli 12:09 PM 02:44 AM
Natore 01:06 PM 02:02 AM
Ahsanganj 01:39 PM 01:29 AM
Santahar 02:05 PM 01:05 AM
Akkelpur 02:28 PM 12:37 PM
Joypurhat 02:47 PM 12:20 PM
Birampur 03:20 PM 11:46 PM
Fulbari 03:34 PM 11:32 PM
Parbatipur 04:10 PM 11:10 PM
Syedpur 04:32 PM 10:27 PM
Nilphamari 04:56 PM 10:00 PM
Domar 05:15 PM 09:42 PM
Chilahati 05:45 PM 09:20 PM

Nilsagar express train ticket price

I think now you are ready to start your journey, before that you have to buy your ticket from station. That’s why I am going to describe with you nilsagar Express ticket price. You know that every train has different classes of seats changing of the seats class price also changed. Nilsagar Express has six type of seats. Here we have mentioned all of chair class with their price.
Seat Class Ticket Price
Shovon General 360 BDT
Shovon Chair 435 BDT
First Seat 575 BDT
Snigdha 720 BDT
First Berth 865 BDT
AC Seat 865 BDT
AC Berth 1295 BDT
Among these, AC Berth is most expensive and Shuvon General is the lowest priced rate. First Berth & AC seat are equivalent of the price. always going to get the latest information. Any company can change their counter anytime. If a company does this and we have a mistake in the information we give, we are sincerely sorry. Thank you for your cooperation for the right information. How much is the service of Padma Express Train service, or how are they related to the passengers? Put your own opinions in our Facebook group Your feedback or information will help to ensure the unique service. Like our Facebook page keep regular updates yourself. Also, if you want to send us any complaints or suggestions or information about our web site, please email us at

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