Nobility of Altadighi

Nobility of Altadighi

It is said that a zamindar lived in this area centuries ago. A severe drought occurs during the hot season. The people of the area were worried about the problem of water and ran to the landlord to arrange something, so that the problem of water would be removed to some extent. The queen of that king was very kind, she chose a novel method to relieve the water woes of the subjects. The next morning the queen came out with her pike-paeda. He went out and walked towards the dense forest near the palace.

Then he went to that forest and announced that he will walk in this forest. End his walk when his leg bursts with blood while walking. Then, from the beginning of the walk, a pond should be dug all over the place where the blood comes out from the leg, in which the water of the subjects will be removed. When the pike-pedestrian agreed to the queen’s words, the queen started walking. But after the walk began, after a long walk, the pikemen suggested that if the queen’s leg did not bleed easily, a large pond should be dug. So they poured alta on Rani’s feet from behind and forced Rani to stop as blood came out. And then a huge lake was dug in that place. Which is named Altadighi. After hearing this story, I got greedy and ran to see that Altadighi.

As soon as you start your walk at Dhamurhat in Naogaon district, you will be impressed by the invitation of the green paddy fields on both sides of the road. Only green and green as far as the eye can see. The attractiveness of the sparkling blue sky combined with the green wilderness, the white clouds flying in the blue sky, touching the trees and grass on both sides of the road and occasionally shaking the broken road, one can see the large trees covered in the dense forest with great surprise. , a sanctuary covered in the darkness of one bamboo after another. I was looking at it in amazement, as if I had entered into an unknown deep forest by mistake.

As we went through such dense forest, after some distance we saw the official signboard of Altadighi Sanctuary. That means I have entered the awaited Altadighi. At the thought, there was a feeling of great joy and some restlessness. I always have a kind of uneasy feeling whenever something long-awaited comes up. This time was no exception.

Going through the forest on the way to Altadighi. Walking forward for two to three minutes, taking a turn and reaching another turn, as if seeing the people, curiosity was created, have we reached or not? Deep forest on my left and trees on my right, and across the middle lane of the field, I could see the last glimmer of the afternoon sun on the water as it wobbled through the gaps in the bamboo trees. what is there Looking a little closer, I see a cover of big green leaves in the middle of the rippling water, in which a group of pink and white lotuses are standing swaying. Ah, that means I have come, to that hidden nobility, on the shores of the waiting abyss.

I quickly left the road through the forest, along the field lanes and came to the banks of the Altadighi. The words that usually don’t come out of my mouth came out at first glance—wow, what am I seeing! So huge, so huge and so huge that you can’t see properly from one end of the lake to the other. As can be seen, the expansion of this lake is more than one kilometer long.

Fortunately, because I went a little closer to Dighi, otherwise I would have seen such an unearthly form? not at all As I approached and sat down, I saw drops of water like pearls on the big lotus leaves. During the quacking of ducks, some drops of water rose on the green lotus leaves, which sparkled in the sunlight. Not on one or two leaves, but on hundreds of lotus leaves, why has the entire pond become a pearly darkness! And those lotus leaves, white and pink lotus flowers were showing their nobility in the glimmer of pearl like water.

I went to the other side of the lake along the border of my friend’s house. The charm of the shore is much more. The lotuses seem to float in the water with a hypnotic beauty that is far more attractive, more sweet and more noble. At the very edge of the lake is the beginning of the lotus, which stretches as far as the eye can see. Beyond are palm groves, shaded paths along the banks, tree trunks to sit on, and brick-and-stone altars. There are small boats moored at the wharf. For a fixed fee, one can wander in the waveless water of the wobbly lake, touch and see the tender body of the white-pink lotus. Pearly water droplets accumulated on the lotus leaf can be removed by hand. Altadighi is truly a hidden gem of Bangladesh.

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