On the banks of the river Kajli

On the banks of the river Kajli

If the morning of any trip is not beautiful, refreshing and exciting to see something new, that day’s trip is not worth it. The previous day I had reached Meherpur almost in the evening. A colleague’s house was there so I got a hotel room with a great balcony early on. Later, in the hospitality of that colleague, eat rich food and sweets of Meherpur, sweeten your heart, return to the room and rest. A colleague suggested to visit Amzhupi Neelkuthi instead of going to Mujibnagar first. Which is five kilometers in the opposite direction of our destination. That means you have to run more than 10 km at the beginning of the day.

When this thought came to my mind, I thought what is in Amzhupi Nilkuthi? This extra 10 kilos will wear off in the end. However, as my colleague said, I decided to go. Because he knows my preferences at least a little. So I turned the bike in that direction and went out towards Amzhupi Nilkuthi. Go and see how it feels! I was thinking to myself, as my colleague suggested, there is something. In the morning, as there was no traffic on the road, I quickly reached the junction of the road containing Amzhupi’s directions along the highway. A little bit further along the bend is the wooden branch gate of Nilkuthi of Amjhupi. A bit mechy but not bad at all.

However, upon entering through that gate, two dilapidated, almost dilapidated structures were seen nearby, which continue to carry the history of many old houses. Slowly moving towards it, behind the two structures, something crooked like a silver ribbon seemed to be shining. Which instantly captivated me, captured my attention. So I got off the bike and went straight towards that silver shining ribbon. A little further I stopped.

Just as people get shocked when they suddenly find their lover in front of them without wanting it, so did I. Because as I go ahead, I see that stream like a silver ribbon is actually a flowing river. And the sight of the river meant that I was swept away in bliss alone for the rest of the day. Nadi is my so much love, affection and emotional touch. River is the name of another secret love of mine. 

Because, seeing the river on the way to any trip is much more fun, enjoyment for me and some time sitting on the bank of that river is a happy rest in the breeze. On the journey, Nadi is like a dear and desired face to me as a teenager on my way to school and college. Whose look, a smile, a faint exchange of glances, peeking from behind would make that day special, would become colorful, would be coated with joy and excitement on the face. I had exactly the same feeling when I saw that silver river.

And without delay, without staying far away, without waiting, I rushed to the very dear river like that dear lover. Oh, what is his form, the glimpse of form, the youth full of hearing, he who was waiting for me. It was as if he was waiting with the pride of a thick black cloud in his ears when I would come, sit next to him, touch him and with that touch his pride would break down into a stream of hearing. I will be absorbed in the stream of bliss, and he will be in me. I will float in the water of that river with unearthly joy in the ignorance of unbearable happiness.

I was impatiently waiting to know the name of the unknown lover. Flocks of swans were playing with themselves in the river and on the banks. The mellow background of dense greenery on both sides of the gently flowing river. After asking, I found out that the name of the beloved is Kajli. It is Kajali river. Ish, what a beautiful romantic and magical name Kajli. I used to like her from a distance, then I fell in love with her when I came closer, sat next to her and fell in love with her after knowing her magical name. Apart from Amzhupi Neelkuthi, I was busy taking Kajli. I sat next to him, touching him, floating in happiness.

As I sat, gazing at her silent, gentle, listening form, Ish wondered if a log cabin could be built here. If a canoe could be floated here. If one could spend one’s own idle leisure here. In this dream, the stream of happiness started to flow from the sky of Shravan, which was thick with black clouds. No, I didn’t get up, I didn’t open the umbrella, I didn’t wrap myself in a raincoat. I surrendered myself to the stream of Shravan, to the flow of the dear Kajali river, soaked, moistened, satiated with bliss.

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