On the way to Bihang Island

On the way to Bihang Island

Our watercraft is moving forward pushing back the water of Baleshwar river. A green ringed island could be seen in the distance. Which is called Bihang Dwip. The fame of this island lying in the bosom of Baleshwar river has spread by word of mouth among the travelers. After hearing that, I wanted to see it with my own eyes. So begins our journey to see that green paradise surrounded by Athai water bodies. Our destination today is Bihang Island.

Baleshwar is located at the foothills of the Sundarbans. To the east lies Patharghata of Barguna district and to the west the mangrove Sundarbans. The location of this round shaped island covering about 150 acres is right in the middle of Baleshwar. About 20 years ago, this huge island woke up. Slowly nature arranged it according to its own will. The island came to the attention of local tourists since the beginning of the movement of the inhabitants and fishermen of the nearby island.

Its green beauty becomes clear as it gets very close to the water border. As the sailor slows down the speed of the trawler, the sound of the engine is reduced. As a result, the chirping of birds can be clearly heard. The sight of the distant white warbler, buck, Chega bird was mesmerizing. When you hear the call of birds, it will seem as if they are calling each other in turn. This is like a competition to enjoy the freedom of an open world.

As soon as we set foot on the island, we felt as if we had entered a magical map laid out in nature’s own shell. Nature has arranged a beautiful scene in the middle of the river under the blue sky by appointing the water body as a permanent guard.

The entire island is surrounded by sand. The sand is heated by the sun, and cooled by the wind. The red crabs lay a red carpet on the white sand. Crab artwork adorns the sand chest. The sight of snails basking in the sun and quickly hiding their faces in their shells when they sense the presence of humans can be seen many times when walking here for a while. Mayaharin can be seen just a little further on the walking path in the forest. Apart from this, you can see wild animals such as wild rooster, squirrel, guisap. They are busy running freely. These animals came from the nearby Sundarbans and settled on this tiger-free island.

Every tree species has occupied most of the island. Various species of trees including Keora, Gewa, Pasur, Chaila, Bine, Karamza, Khalisa, Sundari can be seen. Colorful flowers are blooming all over the island. Wild flowers dance every now and then when the wind blows. The roar of the waves and watching the sunset are the highlights of this island tour. This island, covered in greenery, is day by day becoming one of the most promising tourist destinations of the coast.

Naming: The island has been named by some local journalists, development workers and tourists. Veteran Journalist Mirza Shahidul Islam Khaled, President of Patharghata Press Club Golam Mostafa Chowdhury, President and Researcher of Voluntary Organization ‘Astha’ Shafiqul Islam Khokon, Tourism Lover Photographer Arifur Rahman, Pratyaya President Painter Mehdi Shikder, Journalist ASS Jasim, Abujar Ibte Rafi, Student . Baizid, fisherman Mustafa Munshi visited the island in mid-2015 and hoisted the national flag. Placed a nameplate saying ‘Bihang Dwip’. Later local administration, Upazila Parishad, Forest Department, various social organizations and local residents expressed their solidarity with them. Later a plaque was installed by Barguna district administration. Before this name, the local fishermen and sailors knew the island as Dhansir Char.

Travel: From Dhaka’s Sadarghat, take the Barguna launch to the Kakchira launch ghat under Patharghata upazila. Rent double cabin 2200 taka, single cabin 1200 taka and deck 200 taka. Then you have to go to Patharghata Sadar by local vehicles. Or you can go directly to Patharghata by road from Syedabad or Gabtali. Fare 700-1000 taka per bus. Then Baleshwar river next to Ruhita Bottala of Patharghata. From there to Bihang Island with reserve trawler. Trawler rent is around 400 taka. Beside Bihanga Island, travel to Haringhata Forest and Laldia Char.

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