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On the way to Jalbazar Bhimruli

On the way to Jalbazar Bhimruli

On the way to Jalbazar Bhimruli

On the way to Jalbazar Bhimruli

Countless small boats full of guavas are floating. Guavas are being bought and sold at wholesale prices inside the boat. Wholesalers from far are coming in boats, buying guavas and leaving. Sellers go to wholesalers’ boats with green-yellow unripe guavas. This is like a green-yellow play in the water city. Such a scene can be seen at Vimruli guava market. This water market is built in the estuary of small and big canals on the border of Jhalkathi and Pirojpur districts. The market is named ‘Vimruli Bazar’ after the local village Vimruli.

Such a large floating market is not seen anywhere else in the country. In the local language this market is called ‘Goyar Hut’. Standing on the bridge over the canal in the heart of Bhimruli Bazar, one can get a bird’s eye view of the entire Bazar. This is a great place to take some photos. From here you can see the busy scene of Peyaranirvar town. Some are plying boats to distant markets for retail sale. Someone is making guava export arrangements. Someone is providing the boat. Farmers are stealing boats from one wholesaler to another in the hope of two rupees higher price. This is like a true beautiful image of Bengal painted on a watercolor canvas.

Vimruli market opens at around 9 am and the work of guava farmers starts early in the morning to supply the market. They appeared in the garden with naokonda (palm boat) before sunrise. As soon as there is a little light in the sky, they go to the market with guavas.

Boats carrying guavas from the numerous guava plantations thronged the Bhimruli market. The sale is conducted between the wholesaler and the seller. This activity lasts from morning to evening. These guavas go to every big city including Dhaka through wholesalers. Wholesalers from different parts of the country collect guavas from this market. Guavas produced in this region are being exported abroad.

According to the information provided by the locals, there are one to ten acres of gardens in the area. Among which Guavas from Krittipasha, Bhimruli, Shadasakathi, Khajura, Mirakathi, Dumuria, Jagdishpur, Khodrapara, Poshanda, Himanandakathi, Betra and Atghar Kuriana villages are sold more in this market.

Countless visitors come from far and wide to see this market with their own eyes. Besides visiting the floating market, there is an opportunity to enjoy the green nature here. In this region there are several tourist centers including some zamindarbari, Gutia Mosque, Madhav Raja’s Durga Sagar. That’s why travelers with loved ones and loved ones are rushing to this wonderful town.

how to go

If you want to visit Vimruli Bazaar, you must be there before 9 am. You can go to Barisal by night launch from Dhaka Sadarghat. Double cabin at the launch is two thousand taka. Call 200 rupees. Early in the morning Barisal Nathullabad to go to Banaripara by Mahindra. Fare per person in Mahindra is Tk 30. From there by trawler to Bhimruli Bazar. Apart from this, one can go directly from Sayedabad or Gabtali to Banaripara by Swarupkathi bus. The bus fare is 600 to 700 taka.

There is no accommodation in Bhimruli, so one can stay in a residential hotel in Barisal or Swarupkathi. If you want, you can return to Dhaka by night launch. For food, you will get coarse rice and fresh fish from the river in a small local hotel. If you want, you can give a one-day tour to this water market.

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