On the way to Lixiang fountain

On the way to Lixiang fountain

Icame to Groupingpara by boat from Remakri. Our actual trekking to Lixiang Jharna started from Groupingpara. As soon as we entered from the neighborhood, the forest started. The opening was charming. From Groupingpara, everyone was proceeding along the line following the instructions of a local guide. After a while I passed through a dry forest of tall trees.

Continued for 15 minutes. After walking on a somewhat flat path, we slowly started to climb higher.

A 20-minute muddy path. I tripped and fell on the slippery path. After that I started moving straight towards Jhiripath. The descent began. In the beginning the trail was safe. Within 15 minutes that path turned into a terrible path.

We started off on a thrilling ride. We had about three guides with us that day. One was our main guide from Thanchi, one was a local guide from Groupingpara and one was an intern guide. After walking for about 30 minutes, we all gathered at the base of a huge hill. We realized that the uphill climb was about to begin. After that, along a steeper, narrower mountain trail, with the help of bamboo, with the help of tree branches and roots, we all went to the top of the mountain and sat down to rest. We all refreshed ourselves with light food, water, tea, dates and chocolate. Then I got up again.

Now it’s time to get off. But going down that mountain was more dangerous and difficult than going up. About 20 minutes drive. Then again Jhiripath. After going a little further, a cashew garden, a great jumghar, Jhiripath started again after passing jum hills. After that, it’s all downhill to Lixiang. Almost the entire trail was dark with various small-large-medium stones, thick forest, grass and vines.

En route to the thrilling Lixiang Waterfall. Photo: Author

More than two hours passed on our way. By the time everyone is quite tired, around three hours have been trekked. Then some people were seen who were returning after seeing Lixiang. I got to know from them that we will reach our destination after only 15-20 minutes. The highest waterfall in the country is near Lixiang. But the way ahead is more than before, passing huge slippery rocks, going through damp forest on the way to Lixiang. Finally, the country’s highest Lixiang Fountain appeared in the distance through the huge rocks and old foliage.

It’s a different feeling, a strange tingling.

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