One day in Guava village

One day in Guava village

Guava trees are found more or less in all regions across the country. But Guava of Atghar Kuriana plays a special role in meeting the entire market demand. Guava is grown commercially in Kuriana village of Nesharabad upazila of Pirojpur district with miles of orchards. There is an opportunity to eat and see guavas freshly picked from the garden. Our today’s journey is on the way to Atghar Kuriana, famous for guava village.

There are innumerable small and big guava orchards in this village depending on the size of the land. According to the information provided by the locals, there are between 1 and 10 acres of gardens. This region is one of Bangladesh in the production and export of guava. The demand for guavas in this region is high due to its delicious taste. Guava farmers here are having a busy time with the arrival of the season.

As soon as you enter the guava garden, your mind is filled with green and yellow colors. Ripe and unripe guavas hang from rows of guava trees. The farmers do not forbid even if they reach out and pick some guavas. When the tourists come, the farmers entertain them with a smile and hand over guavas. These guavas are as sweet as they are full of juice. As if you want to eat the whole garden guava!

Numerous small canals run like nets through each garden. Once lost, the merciless canals will not allow further progress. If you go along a certain path, you will find a tree stump. These sankos are constructed by throwing two trees from the side of the small canal. The people of the garden pass from one end of the garden to the other.

Many tourists flock here every day to see guava toasts in the vast green gardens and farmers at work. It would not be possible to see the beauty of the real garden without the river. Therefore trawlers are available in commercial enterprises to facilitate the transportation of visitors. The sailors of these trawlers take their own initiative to show the unknown tourists around.

Caution: It is very difficult to get out without a local guide. The garden may not be finished even after hours of walking, as the disoriented traveler may return to the same spot again and again. And if such happens, guavas and river water are your only hope as food.

The way to go to Atghar Kuriana: You have to go to Barisal city by boat or by bus. Nathullabad to Nesharabad Route Bus / Mahindra to Kuriana. Or you can go down to Banaripara on the way to Swarupkathi. From Banaripara, you can reserve a trawler to go to Guava floating market via Vimruli, deep in Guava garden. Apart from this, you can also go to Bhimruli by magic car from Barisal Hatem Ali Chowmatha. You have to go by boat in the canals between Guava Gardens.

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