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One day in Manpura

One day in Manpura

One day in Manpura

One day in Manpura

The beauty and lifestyle of Sagarpar both captures us in different ways. And what better place to experience this beauty and lifestyle than on an island in the estuary?

I visited Charfashan, Manpura and Hatiyar Nijhum Island of Noakhali in the island district of Bhola on the shores of the Bay of Bengal in the Meghna estuary. In the first episode, there was a fashion travel experience, in today’s episode there is a unique beautiful island Manpura travel experience.

Who does not like the sea breeze? And if that breeze can be enjoyed sitting on an isolated island, how about? It will surely be exciting. That’s right, in the last week of August, I visited Manpura, a land of extraordinary beauty, an island of unique life culture.

Meghna on three sides of Manpura, Bay of Bengal on the south. After the release of the movie called Manpura, the island in the estuary has seen an increase in tourism.

After roaming around in Charfashion, I left for Manpura by speedboat. Drizzling rain, small ripples in the water and the green trees of the mangrove forest standing tall in the distance. The trees are swaying in the wind, it seems as if they are here to welcome us.

A number of small and large boats near and far are busy in fishing. Some are casting nets, some are picking up nets again. All kinds of flags on boats are waving in the wind. And we are moving towards Manpura. Seeing the paddy fields floating in the water on one side, I realized that I had come very close to Manpura.

After a long trip by speedboat, when I got down at Hazirhat Ghat, the beauty caught me with excitement. A concrete landing spot from the ghat to the far side of the river. As the tide was low, I got off the boat and climbed a few stairs to that small concrete road. Standing here at high tide feels like standing in the middle of the river and the waves are crashing.

Hazirhat fish ghat is right on the ghat. The fishing boats are not very crowded here, not less. I went and saw the fish auction going on. Small and large hilsa fish are being bought and sold at auction at different prices. Enjoyed the beauty of the ghat for a while, had tea at a shop, hired a rickshaw for 20 taka and left for Hazirhat market, where we have booked a room at Hanif Hotel.

After resting for a while at the hotel, I ate at the nearby Seema Hotel and left for Ram Newaj Ghat. Innumerable small fishing boats ply at the wharf. From one of them the fish is being unloaded, in one the fishermen are sitting and busy in repairing the nets, in another the fishermen are spending their time completely idle. Maybe preparing to go fishing.

I walked towards the stalls, there was also quite a lot of noise, the auction of fish was going on. Various fish including Hilsa, Poa, Bata, Pangas. The talk was with the former chairman of the Union Parishad, Shahabuddin Dwipak. He himself is a brat. He said, this time fish is being caught relatively less. Everyone in jail is having a bad time. Can’t go? This is their only recourse.

While talking, a pangas challan was brought down to the next door. All the fishermen are happy, a flock of pangus has been caught. The largest of them will weigh over 12 kg. I took my brother in the hand and asked him to stand, I also took some pictures. It’s as if the brothers in the jail are happy to get us too.

The next day I went to Janata Ghat. Rent 200 taka from Hazirhat on motorcycle. Mangroves on both sides of the road, various birds calling from tree to tree. Deer can also be seen here, although we did not see them. If you go in the morning or in the evening, you are more likely to be seen. Janata Ghat is also quite big. Many boats are here too. In some boats, I saw the work of packaging with ice to send fish to Dhaka. At that time, while getting back to the trawler after catching fish from the sea, he accidentally got hold of the silencer and his hand was about to get burnt.

After visiting Janata Ghat, I went to some smaller ghats. In the evening I went to the jungle canal by rickshaw. What a lovely atmosphere, cool breeze.

The next day after seeing the sunrise, I left for Nijhum Island after breakfast. On the way, I went to Manpura beach. The waves are crashing in the pool, the boys are diving and swimming. A few women of nearby houses are preparing to eat by the side of the road after collecting keora fruit from keora forest. We were not disappointed when we wanted to eat. You can also taste this sour fruit.

It seemed like it wouldn’t be so bad to stay a few more days, but what else to do, time is not the limit. If you have time, you can also visit this mind-blowing Manpura.

How to go:

I have talked about char fashion from Dhaka in the first episode. You can go to Manpura by sea truck or speedboat from Charfashion, get off at Hazirhat or Janata Ghat. As the hotel is near from Hazirhat Ghat, we got down there. The speed boat reserved for nine people cost us Rs 4,000.

where to stay

There are not many good hotels here. However, there are several hotels including Hanif Hotel, Fahim Hotel, which are convenient for work, and the cost is relatively low.

What to eat:

You can eat different types of sea fish here, besides duck meat and buffalo milk raw curd are also famous here.

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