Pangthumai : The Story of a Lazy Afternoon

Pangthumai : The Story of a Lazy Afternoon

If you love a silent river, its babbling cool water, the solitude of the mountains and the song of the fountain, sit back and enjoy your time, then Pangthumai in Sylhet can be a great place for you to spend a lazy afternoon.

You can go there and sit quietly on the fine carpet of green grass, you can dip your feet in the cold water, you can sit in the shade of the trees and look at the forest on the other side of the waveless water of the little Piane river and the walls of the mountains standing there. You can see the play of white clouds in the folds of every mountain. Maybe a light shower might come down, inviting a little soak in the lazy afternoon.

Between the two huge hills, a milky white stream flows endlessly, rolling at its own speed, from high to low, and from low to low, climbing the laps of the hills and playing with stones in the Peine river. No matter where you want your eyes to come back, you can’t turn the disobedient eyes from that hypnotic fountain!

And if you are a little lazy, a true nature lover, then there is nothing to say. An ideal place for you is Panthumai Falls or Jharnadhara. You will find calm and clear, cool river at the same time, the taste of the forest at a touchable distance, the embrace of the clouds and mist, the mountain range to fall in love with and the most attractive, the stream of happiness to fall in love in an instant, Pangthumai.

Seeing tears of happiness coming down from the mountains of Meghalaya! The most important thing is that there is no trouble in going there, there is no reason to waste a lot of time, you will not think of spending too much, you can visit this endless fountain of happiness in one day from Dhaka. And if you want to go there, you can visit the soft stones in the bed! In the late afternoon or early morning, you will get an additional touch of the soft green of the tea garden.

But I would say, don’t have a day, a lazy afternoon or afternoon just for Panthumai. Do you like to walk around and see nature all the time? Is it always happy to take pictures? Sometimes just in awe, the happiness and joy that can be absorbed from the silent mountains, green forests, springs and gentle rivers, even if it is a day. You will see, at the end of the day, the receipt book is filled.

To go from Dhaka to Panthumai, first you have to go to Sylhet by bus or train. Bus fare is Tk 600-1000, train is Tk 300-1000, get off at Sylhet and go to Goainghat by share-CNG, fare is Tk 100-120.

You can get another CNG from Goainghat for Tk 200-300 round trip near Pangthumai Jharna, cross a small reservoir for Tk 5-10 to see the fountain. It sits in the part of Bangladesh. You can spend one night and come back, go to Sylhet city on the same day by night train or bus to Dhaka. All together can cost 1000-1500 taka per person.

Apart from this, you can also go by boat from Sylhet station to CNG from Hadarpar via Bisthakandi to Pangthumai Jharna. But I think it will not be comfortable to see such a silent and cold nature with the loud noise of the engine boat. So you can go from Sylhet via Goainghat.

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