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Potter’s Dera in Chatiani village of Gazipur

Potter's Dera in Chatiani village of Gazipur

Potter’s Dera in Chatiani village of GazipurPotter’s Dera in Chatiani village of Gazipur

Potter’s Dera in Chatiani village of Gazipur

Most of the people are under house arrest during Corona. Due to being under house arrest for a long time, everyone’s mind must want to run away into the unknown. For them, the travel-destination after Corona can be a potter’s yard in a quiet village. Wandering will fill your body and mind with peace. Apart from this, you will have new experience in different places due to travel, which will be useful in later life. The lifestyle of ancient potters can be seen in Chatiani village of Gazipur, a short distance from Dhaka. The pal families there have been settled for hundreds of years. Despite the poverty, they did not change the original occupation of their ancestors.

Every country around the world has its own art and culture. The country or nation is known by the identity of this art and culture. The contribution of each country or nation is behind the spread of each industry. One such pottery. The word ‘earth’ means earth or soil, and ‘art’ here refers to beautiful and creative things. For this reason, all art works made of clay can be called pottery. Those involved in this work are called Kumar. The traditional pottery of rural Bengal, which has been inherited from ancient times, has survived to this day somehow. In the past, pottery made by skilled village artisans was highly valued. This eco-friendly art was used to adorn the homes of the villages.

Rural road, no noise. Gazipur is famous for jackfruit, you will see jackfruit trees on the way. Somewhere there are mangoes hanging on the tree. Just raise your hand. You have to reach Palpara through Rural Methopat. Everyone is busy with their work. There are 110 families whose livelihood depends on this work. After entering Palpara, you will see everyone’s home yard with their products drying in the sun. Different types of clay toys, pots, lamps, pitchers, birdhouses and more. Some are making clay dolls, some are making moon lamps. The most interesting thing is that everyone here does this. From an eight-year-old boy to a ninety-year-old man is also working. Ten men have been doing this.

How to go: You can go to Chatiani village of Gazipur in different ways from Dhaka. The first way to go is to take a bus bound for Narsingdi from Gulisthan and get off at Panchdona of Narsingdi, from there take a bus bound for Kaliganj and get off at Kapasia intersection, from there take a CNG-powered auto-rickshaw to Chatiani. If you want to go from Mahakhali you have to board Chalanbil/Badsha Bus, you have to get down at Kapasia Junction. From Kapasia Junction, you have to take a CNG-powered auto-rickshaw to Chhatiani village. The cost will be 130 to 180 taka. Or you can rent a car and go to the desired destination. The cost will be five thousand to seven thousand rupees.

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