Rain and Cox’s Bazar

Rain and Cox’s Bazar

Everyone says winter or dry season is the ideal time to visit Cox’s Bazar. You can’t go to the beach in the summer, standing in the heat of the sand, enjoying the sea is far from it! And in the rain or the off-season of Cox’s Bazar!

I have been to Cox’s Bazar in all seasons. To me, Cox’s Bazar seems like a slum in winter! You can’t walk in a crowd of people, you can’t sit quietly anywhere, you can’t walk around with your mind open, people are buzzing all around. I never thought that winter could be ideal for enjoying Cox’s Bazar!

And Cox’s Bazar in the summer? At least he is better than winter! There are less people, hotel-motel and food costs are also reduced a lot, you can see the sea without hesitation, you can feel the roar in the distance, so there seems to be no reason to discourage a visit to Cox’s Bazar in summer. And thinking about the hot sand of the beach? Worried about burning lovely skin in the hot sun?

Go to the beach early in the morning, enjoy the gentle morning breeze, the sea, the frenzy of the endless crashing waves, touch the soft and wet sand with your feet, feel its coolness. You will see the excitement will wake up! Be drunk, be eager to call! Then back home if your hotel or motel has a swimming pool, immerse yourself in the pool’s magical blue waters. And listen to your ears, enjoy the endless roaring of the ocean in the distance.

Then, after eating and resting, spend the afternoon in the sun, and go out again to the shadowy solitude of the sea, and wait for the setting sun. When the sun is less soft, you can go again to the sea, to understand the language of the waves. Immerse yourself in the magic of twilight. Enjoy the softness of the unheated beach and the elegance of the colorful evening. Walk-sit or wet-wet as long as you like.

More than all these, I like to see the sea, to enjoy it and to find it in my heart in the rain, cloudy afternoon, stormy afternoon, gusty evening, rain falling from the sky or in the pitch black night. The shape of the sea at these times is really unique. Endless blessings of thrill, glamor and terrifying beauty.

The stormy form of the sea with darkening clouds and light rain and a slight breeze, which shudders in all beings, its terrible roar in the late afternoon gale will surely strike fear in the mind, but will hold you like a magnet. You will retreat in fear, but you will not want to leave him at all. Seeing his strange beautiful form! And the rain falling in torrents from the sky will give you another joy. Sitting on the balcony of the hotel, leaning back, looking at the sea crashing waves, singing a very favorite song in the throat with an ear-splitting roar, without knowing it.

Mug of steaming hot coffee in right hand. The left hand is the hand of the loved one’s sure and pure love. It can be a special moment spent with a child, a friend, a loved one or a lover, which will shine in the corner of your mind for the rest of your life as the stars of happiness. A hundred sorrows and pains will not be dirty or lost!

So let’s not go in cold or unbearable heat, this time we will enjoy the sea covered with dark clouds, strong winds, drizzling rains and the continuous roaring of the sea in the night-time gusts on the beach.

I love thick black clouds, drizzling rain and drunken wind Cox’s Bazar very, very, very much. Please do not litter any of our best tourist resources.

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