Rangamati – The unknown color of Rangamati is ‘Jurachari’.

The unknown color of Rangamati is ‘Jurachari’.

You will find a row of motorbikes in the crowd of your launch at a small ghat of blue water. Smiling bikers will welcome you, head towards Jurachari Bazar. On both sides of the road you will see tribal houses, ancient trees and greenery. Your eyes will be caught by the rows of mountains standing in the distance. Green sheets on the body of the hill will welcome you. I am talking about the unknown color of Rangamati ‘Jurachari’.

Where is Jurachari?

Jurachhari is an upazila of Rangamati hill district. Although an upazila, its market is quite small. A handful of shops. And on one side of it is the upazila parishad. Jurachari is not a very well known place. For many, the place to visit in Rangamati is Sublong Jharna, a hanging bridge or a boat ride on Kaptai Lake! But the beauty of Jurachari sitting on the lap of Kaptai Lake is all natural. No artificial man-made beauty can be found here. Even the beauty of Jurachhari Path is very different.

what you see

Anyone will be impressed by the beauty of Jurachari surrounded by blue lake and green hills. In such remote remote mountains, one can always find the smell of nature and silence. Renting motorbikes from one mountain to another, or floating on the blue waters of the lake with a boat, are all indescribable.

After hours of floating in the water, you will want to walk down the hills. At first it seems that these mountains can be climbed very easily. But, its way up is quite steep. Even a wet body will sweat. However, the wind blowing off the weary lakes and rivers will make your climb a little easier.

As you climb the ridge, you can see the distant rolling hills. This is a different art form. Small and big islands on the chest of the wide Kaptai Lake, people’s houses on the plains can be seen as if from a bird’s eye view. Not to be overlooked are the groves of coconut, gourd and jarul trees lining the hills. The more you look, the more you will be impressed.

The largest Buddhist statue in the country

Here is the Sadhanananda Mahasthavir (Banvante) complex in Subhlong Branch Van Vihar. There is the largest Buddhist statue in the country. According to many, there is no larger ‘reclining’ Buddha image in South Asia. The 126-feet enthroned Gautama Buddha statue is awe-inspiring. According to Bihar authorities, such a large meditating Buddha statue is the first in Bangladesh. Even South Asia is not known to have a larger reclining Gautama Buddha statue. Its construction started in 2016. In July 2017, the Buddha statue was cast by manual labor on the initiative of local residents. At that time, thousands of pilgrims participated from far and wide.

There is no provision for overnight stay. So we have to return to the launch on the way to Rangamati. On the way back, you will feel how the inaccessibility covers the hidden beauty of nature. Life will become enjoyable if you respond to the intense call of this beauty.


You have to go through Rangamati in Jurachari. You have to go to Jurachari by launching from reserve market in Rangamati. Only two launches come and go to Juracharhi throughout the day. At 7:30 am and another launch at 2:30 pm left for Jurachari. Return launch time – 1.30 pm and 8.30 pm.

Stay and eat

There is no such arrangement for accommodation. No modern restaurant has been built for eating. However, delicious food can be found at Mohammad Ali Hotel next to the Upazila Complex, and the price is also low. As there is no accommodation, one has to return to Rangamati town day by day.

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