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Regular health check-ups for diabetics

Diabetes patient foot care

Diabetes patient foot care

Regular health check-ups for diabetics

Diabetes increases your risk of other health complications. You can get various diseases of heart, kidney, brain and nerves. Many times silently, without any symptoms, these diseases settle in your body, which you do not understand. That’s why we recommend regular checkups for diabetics.

Patients with diabetes need regular checkups. Some of these tests have to be done for 3 consecutive months, while there are some tests which have to be done once in a year.

Diabetes patients should be tested every three months

Blood Sugar Test (HbA1C test) 

This test measures the average amount of sugar in your blood. This way you can determine how close your sugar level is to normal levels.

If you are newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, this test should be done every 3 months. This test can be done even after 6 months if your diabetes is under control later.

Diabetes patients should be tested once a year

1. The condition of the feet 

Diabetes can numb any part of your legs by reducing the blood supply to your legs. If there is any injury or wound in the leg, it has to get a lot of speed to recover. Often these wounds or sores do not heal properly, and it is not easy to understand if there is a wound or numbness in any part of the foot. This can lead to problems like foot ulcers or infections. 

So you have to be aware of whether you are feeling properly on both legs i.e. whether you can feel touch, pain, cold-hot etc. At the same time, you need to regularly check whether any part of the foot is numb. It is also important to look for any type of sores, ulcers or infections in the legs.

Seek medical advice immediately if you have any cuts, bruises or sores on your feet, or if you feel numb. Read our article to know more about foot care for diabetics .

2. Eyes  

Diabetes can damage the blood vessels in the eye, which can lead to vision problems (diabetic retinopathy), and even blindness.   

Regular eye check-ups can help you catch your eye problem before your eyesight is damaged. Problems with the blood vessels of the eye can be treated quickly to prevent vision problems. So you should have your eyes checked every year to see if your blood vessels are damaged. 

If you see blurred vision, go to the doctor immediately. 

3. Blood pressure, cholesterol and kidneys    

Diabetes increases the risk of developing high blood pressure, heart disease or kidney problems. However, these diseases settle in your body silently, usually before the symptoms of these diseases become severe. So these problems do not have to be caught before the test.

This is why it is recommended to check your blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease or kidney problems every year. In this way the complications of these diseases can be reduced by starting treatment quickly. 

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