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Saint Martin – All resorts and hotel price information in Saint Martin

Saint Martin - All resorts and hotel price information in Saint Martin

Saint Martin – All resorts and hotel price information in Saint Martin

Information on popular resorts and hotels in Saint Martin

Saint Martin is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bangladesh. Many people visit this coral island every year. Various quality hotels and resorts have been built here to meet the needs of tourists. Many people ask about which hotel or resort will be good for overnight stay. Today we will give information about some popular hotels and resorts. We have tried to keep the luxury hotels as well as introduce you to the low cost hotel resorts.

A few words about hotel resort booking: Before booking a hotel or resort in Saint Martin, it is better to check its location, distance, restaurants, security and other facilities and disadvantages. Bargain well in terms of room rent. And the rent of the following hotels and resorts changes depending on the season and season. Tourist pressure is naturally high during the holiday season (November-March). Then the rent of the resorts is unusually high. So always check the room booking carefully. And if you want to book in advance, you are requested to verify yourself before the financial transaction.

Saint Martin Resorts & Hotels List

Blue Marine Resort (Blue Marine Resort): The location of Blue Marine Resort is very close to the ferry port of Saint Martin Island. AC double bedroom rental in Blue-Marine Resort is Tk 15,000 and non-AC Tk 5,000, triple red room rent is Tk 3,000 each, six bedroom rental is Tk 4,000 and ten bedroom rental is Tk 5,000. Contact: 01817 060065

Coral View Resort (Coral View Resort): The Coral View Resort has been built on the left side of St. Martin’s jetty, i.e. adjacent to the East Beach. Coral View Resort sea view room rent 2500 to 6000 Tk. Contact: 01980 004777, 01980 004778

Praasad Paradise Resort (Praasad Paradise Resort): Passing the Blue Marine Resort through St. Martin’s Market and moving a little further north is the beautiful Praasad Paradise. 2000-5000 rupees to rent any one of 16 rooms of different types. Contact: 01995 539248, 01883 626003

Neel Digante Resort (Neel Digante Resort): Neel Digante Resort is located at the corner of the south beach of St. Martin Island, a little away from the jetty. It will cost 1500-5000 rupees to stay in various types of cottage type rooms at Nil Digante Resort. Contact: 0173 005 1004

Labiba Bilas Resort (Labiba Bilas Resort): Located on West Beach, Labiba Bilas (now known as The Atlantic) Resort has 43 rooms for overnight stays. And to stay here you have to spend from 3500 to 12000 taka. Contact: 01700 969 212, 01834 267 922

Prince Heaven Resort (Prince Heaven Resort):
Adjacent to Palace Paradise in North Beach, Prince Haven Resort has a total of 24 rooms and a restaurant. Prince Heaven Resort room rent amount is 1,500-3,500 Tk. Contact: 01995 539 246, 01883 626 002

Dream Night Resort (Dream Night Resort): Located at the end of the West Beach, Dream Night Resort offers 2 to 4 overnight stays per room. To stay in this resort you have to spend from 1500 to 3500 taka. Contact: 01825 656326, 01730 235002

Sayari Eco Resort: Located in Nazrul Para on South Beach, Sayari Eco Resort is aesthetically unique. Sayri Eco Resort has 18 rooms of different categories for night stay from 1500 to 3000 taka. Contact: 01610 555500

Samudra Kutir Resort (Somudra Kutir Resort): The Samudra Kutir Resort is located at the corner of the South Beach of St. Martin. You have to spend 2000 to 3500 taka for night stay at this resort. Contact: 01858 222521

Blue Lagoon Resort (Blue Lagoon Resort): Located in the southwest corner of St. Martin Island, Blue Lagoon Resort has accommodations for 2 to 4 people in each room. Blue Lagoon Resort charges 1500 to 3500 Tk per day. Contact: 01815 012306, 01755 028993

Panna Resort (Panna Resort): Located on the West Beach, Panna Resort is one of the clean resorts near the sea at a low cost. Room rent at Panna Resort is from Tk 1500 to Tk 3500 per night. Contact: 01765 152565

CTB Resort (CTB Resort): CTB Resort is located in West Beach and the room rent will be from 1500 Tk to 3000 Tk. Contact: 01701 741440

Sea Probal Resort: North West Beach, Contact: 01817 609829, 01756 208383

Lighthouse Resort: South West Beach, Contact: 01884-046480

Music Eco Resort: South West Beach, Contact: 01713-339695

Shimana Periye Resort : West Beach, Contact: 01911-121292

St. Martin Resort : Resort of Vacation Tourism Limited. Some types of rooms located in West Beach cost 1500-3500 Tk per room. Contact: 01716789634

Sea View Resort: There are 16 rooms and 4 tents with its own restaurant. Most rooms have sea views. Room rent is Tk 1,200-3,000. Contact: 01840477707 (Dhaka), 01840477956 (St. Martin)

Sea Inn: Located near St. Martin’s Market. 2,000-3,500 per room in this 26-room hotel. There is no way to see the sea from here. Contact: 01722109670, 01735581251, 01775011208.

Diamond Sea Resort : West Beach, Rent 1200-2500, Contact: 01753817449

Hotel Sand Shore: Market area, rent 1200-2500

Hotel Sea Find : West Beach, Rent 2000-4000, Contact: 01626182725

Farhad Resort : West Beach, Rent 1200-2500, Contact: 01912760010

Kingsuk Eco Resort : Galachipa, Rent 1500-3000, Contact : 01711244412, 01815648731

Light House Resort : West Beach, Rent 1500-3000, Contact : 01819036363

Sea Cannon: West Beach, Navy Road. Rent 1200-2500, Contact : 01713486866


If you want to stay at low cost

You can reduce the cost depending on what time you are going. If you go in off-season then you will get a lot of discount on hotel or resort rent. Again, if you go during the season (November-March) if you do not go on weekends or any official closing days, then the hotel and resort will cost relatively less to rent. Besides, if you go a little inland from the beach, you can stay at a lower cost. If a few friends get together, they can reduce the cost by sharing a double/triple bed room.

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