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Sajek Valley (সাজেক ভ্যালি) Tour, Resort list, Sajek Valley Location, Food, Cost All Information



Sajek Valley (সাজেক ভ্যালি) Tour, Resort list, Sajek Valley Location, Food, Cost All Information

Sajek Valley (Sajek Valley) , Sajek is the most popular destination for peepsaw people traveling at present. Rangamati Sajek, located in Baghaichari Upazila of the district, is known as the largest union of Bangladesh. 5 feet above sea level. Although the location of Sajek is in Rangamati district, it is very easy to travel from Dighinala to Khagrachari for geographical reasons. Distance of Sajek from Khagrachari district is 6 km and Dighinala is 5 km. If you want to go to Sazek, you must seek permission from the Baghaihat Police and Army Camps.

What to See

The beautiful mountain rows around, the valley of clouds like white cotton, will impress you. Sajek is such an amazing place where you can be amazed at the three types of nature on the same day. Ever felt very hot or hot, then it might be wet in the rain or your eyes would be covered in a thick mist of cloud. Sajek is an ideal place to watch the mountains and the mountains from the clouds like the natural scenery and the cotton.

The Kanglak Hills are the main attraction for tourists visiting Sazek. And the last village of the Sajek Valley is the Kanglak Para Lusai population. The Lusai Hills of India can be seen on the Karnaphuli River originating from Kanglak. If you want to trek two hours from the ruilui hill you can see lotus fountain. This beautiful fountain is also known to many as Pidam-made fountain or Sikam-made fountain.

Day and night, like the paintings painted by the artist, the time does not get old. If you go to Sajek, don’t miss the dawn. The cloud game and the sun’s rays of light are sitting around this time. For this you have to get up early in the morning on the helipad, from where the most beautiful sunrise can be seen. The color of the sunset will captivate you from any high point in the afternoon. And after the evening billions of stars in the sky, your life will be immersed. If the sky is clear, you can see the Milky Way or the galaxy. You can look around and see the lives of the indigenous people. Simply simple, you’ll love all these people.

Sajek Valley

When to Go

The appearance of the Sazek does not really compare. Throughout the year, Sajek is dressed in colorful outfits. You can travel to Sazek any time of the year. During the monsoon, autumn and autumn, clouds play around Sazek. So this is the best time to travel to Sazek.

Ways to get to Sazek

Although Sazek’s location is in Rangamati district, it is much easier to travel to Daginala in Khagrachari district. So first you have to come to Khagrachari. If you want to travel from Dhaka to Khagrachari, you can travel by bus to Saudia, Shyamoli, Peace Transport, S Alam, Eagle, etc. Non AC AC bus fares for tk 520. If you want to get on the AC bus, you can rent 700 tk for transport to BRTC and St. Martin. And the buses usually leave at 8pm for raid. Besides, the Shanti Poribahan transport bus goes directly to Dighinala, the fare is Tk 580. These transport counters are located in different parts of the city including Gabtali, Kalabagan in Dhaka. If you want to go to the holidays, it is best to cut the tickets in advance or otherwise you may have to get in trouble to get the tickets.

The distance from Khagrachari to Sajek is about 70 km. You can visit the Sajek Valley by taking a jeep reserve from the Shapala intersection of Khagrachari city. You will be charged Tk 8000-10000 tk for two days with arrival. In a car, you can get 12-15 people. However, if people are low, talking to another small group will reduce the cost of sharing a car. If that is not possible then you can go to CNG with Sazek. Reserve fare will be charged 4000-5000 taka. However, it is better not to travel through CNG as the hill is a low road.

List of fare set by Jeep Association and Hill Vehicle Owner Welfare Association

place mode of travel rent
Khagrachari to Sajek Arrival 5400
Khagrachari to Sajek 1 night stay 7700
Khagrachari to Sajek 1 night stay, Alutila recharge fountain and Julonto Bridge 9700
Khagrachari to Sajek 2 nights stay 10500
Khagrachari to Sajek 2 nights stay, including Alutila recharge fountains and hanging bridges 12,6

Also, if you are single or 2-4, there are many groups available from Khagrachari Shapala Square, where you can talk to other groups and share with them. When they go to the jeep association office, they will manage it With any other group.

Apart from Khagrachari went dighinalaya can Sajekera. The distance from Khagrachari to Dighinala is 23 km. From Khograchari to Dighinala bus fare is Tk 45, motorcycle fare per person 100 tk. If you want again, reserve the motorcycle and come back to Sazek. Before deciding on a car, you should talk about what to see, what to do, and what to do.

But you must keep this in mind, that you should reach Digheena between 9am and 9:30am. You have to go to the army escort to secure the rest of the road from Dighinala. Army escorts are available twice a day. Once in the morning at 9:30am, once again at 2:30pm. If you miss the morning escort, you have to wait until the afternoon, and if you miss the afternoon, you have to wait until the next day. Do not get permission to leave without an escort. If you have time to reach Dighinala, you will be able to visit the Hajachara fountain.

On your way from Dighinala to Bagaihat, Machalong Bazar, then Rueilu will reach Sajeke. It will take two to three hours to reach Sajek from Khagrachari city. This time you will be reminded of the time you have been walking along the steep and steep hills. Surrounded by rows of hills and greenery, you will forget all the fatigue along the way.

Travel from Chittagong to Sazek: From Chittagong you can travel to Khajrachhari or Dighinala. From Kadamtali, Chittagong, BRTC AC bus operates 4 buses daily, fares Tk 200. Apart from this, the bus was transported for an hour after the hour of Shanti Paribahan Traveling from Chittagong to Khagrachari by bus will take 4-5 hours.

Rangamati to Sajek Travel: Rangamati can be accessed both by waterways and by road. From the Reserve Bazaar Launchghat, it takes 5-6 hours to depart from the launch between 7:30am and 10:30am each day. Rent per person is Tk. 150-250 tk. From Rangamati Bus Terminal, the bus leaves between 7:30am and 8:30am, and the rent per person is Tk 200. It takes 6-7 hours. It is also possible to go directly to Baghaichari from Dhaka and Chittagong. From Baghaichari to Jap (Chadar car) or motorbike to Sazek Valley (300 tk per person), it is rented out to the public.

Where to Stay

There are more than 40 plus resorts and indigenous cottages for you to enjoy. For one night, the rent will range from Tk 200 to Tk 15000 per person. If you want to go on holiday, it is best to book in advance a month, or less sure to get a good room. And if you want to stay low, you can stay in indigenous cottages. In addition, there are many new cottages that fit the environment. All of Sajek’s cottages have a fairly beautiful view.

Sazek Resorts and Cottages

Resort RungRang: One of Sajek’s best resorts. Sitting on the resort, the horizontal rows are ideal for rows of mountains and clouds. Designed for aesthetic interior, the resort has 4 double and 4 couples room. Holiday double bed room rent for 3500 tk and couples Tk 2800. Double bed room rentals 2800 tk and couples Tk 2000 for all other days. Roangrang Resort Travel Guide offers users 5-10% discount on booking a room. As a reference at the time of booking, you must tell the travel guide user and enjoy this special offer. Contact number for booking: 01884-710 723 , 01869-649 817

Sajek Resort: The Sajek Resort, which is operated by the Bangladesh Army. The rent for these and non AC rooms is 10000- 15000Tk. There are food arrangements. There are discounts for military officers in the military or first class. You can contact: 01859-025694 / 01847-070395 / 01769-302370

Runmoy Resort: There are 5 rooms in total. Each room can have up to 2 people. Bottom floor rent for 4500 tk. Each room can have up to 2 people. You can get extra beds for 600 tk extra. On the upper floor there are two rooms for rent 4950 Taka. Each room can have two people. You can also get extra beds for 600 tk. Contact: 0186547688

Megh Machang: Cloud Machang Resort is the choice of many for a beautiful view and relatively low cost. There is a food system. There are five cottages in Cloud Machang. Rent is Tk 2500-3500. Contact: 01822-168877, Facebook page .

Jumghor Eco Resort: There are both couples and shared rooms for accommodation. Rent per cottage is Tk 2000-3000. Contact: 01884-208060, Facebook page .

TGB Tuscany Cottage: Couple room, double bed with dining area. This cottage room with beautiful decoration and good landscaping view is rented at tk 2000-3000. Contact: 01634-198005, Facebook page .

Meghpunji Resort: There are 3 cottages in the cloud with beautiful eco-decoration and attractive landscaping views, each with 3-5 people. Rent is Tk 2500 – 3500. Contact: 01815-761065, Facebook page .

Alo Resort: Located just a few minutes before Sazek. Double room out of 6 rooms 4 (2 beds). Rent 800-1500 Taka. Contact: 01841-000645, Facebook page

Aboriginal houses: If you want to stay more expensive, you can stay in the aboriginal homes. The price per person will be between Rs 150-300 tk. While not ideal for having a family or couples, you can stay together in a friendly way.

Sajek Eating

All resorts have food arrangements so resort to resorts in advance. If you cook for your choice, it can cost up to Rs. 100-250 tk per person per day and you will get rice potatoes as a menu. It, chicken and so on. If you want you can do BBQ at night. In addition to the indigenous home can be eaten, in advance, you have to tell what to eat, then cook. Don’t miss out on seeing Sajek get cheaper fruits like papaya, pineapple, banana, etc.

Sajek Travel Tips

  • Sajek has no electricity, even if the solar system takes longer to charge. Not even available. You can have a Power Bank with you.
  • Only the network of Robi, Airtel and Teletalk can be found in the Sajek.
  • The path to Sazek is very steep and steep, so this route is dangerous. Be careful not to zip around.
  • No need for guides to go to Sazek.
  • Get permission to take pictures of indigenous peoples. Do not take pictures without permission.
  • Aboriginal people are easy-going, treat them with respect and respect for their culture.
  • Book a room in advance (a month) to avoid trouble during the holidays. Keep.
  • On the way, there are camps at security forces. Traveling members have to submit some information. Help them out for safety. Keep a copy of your national identity card along with it.
  • If you do not leave the car for two or three days, just set the car to go, come back to another car or you can return the car by phone from Dighinala.

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