Sajek Valley – All resorts and hotel price information in Sajek

Sajek Valley – All resorts and hotel price information in Sajek

Everyone likes to see the white clouds flying in the sky, and sometimes we want to touch the clouds. Sajek Valley located in Baghaichhari Upazila of Rangamati district is such a dreamy place. The raft of white clouds floats away the tiredness of the mind. Sajek Valley is always full of green hills, white clouds and the play of light and darkness. Morning, noon or night, Sajek attracts travelers by dressing up differently from time to time. And tourists also rush to Sajek Valley to observe the natural beauty. Read our Sajek travel guide for all the information about Sajek travel.

Monsoon, Autumn and Hemant are usually the three seasons when tourists flock to see the hidden clouds. Keeping in mind the needs of tourists, several resorts have been developed as accommodation in Sajek Valley. Where you can safely stay with family or friends. This travel guide provides detailed information on Sajek Valley Resort room rental, contact and booking information and Sajek travel cost.

Resorts and Cottages in Sajek

Resort RungRang (Resort RungRang): Resort RungRang is one of the best resorts in Sajek. The resort is ideal for watching the horizon line the mountains and the clouds fly by. The resort has 4 double and 4 couple rooms with elegant interior design. On holidays double bed room rent is 3500 taka and couple 2800 taka. All other days double bed room rent 2800 and couple 2000 taka. Rungrang Resort offers 5-10% discount on room booking for travel guide users. Mention travel guide user as reference while booking room and enjoy this special offer. For booking contact numbers: 01884-710 723, 01869-649 817

Sajek Resort (Sajek Resort): Sajek Resort is a resort managed by the Bangladesh Army. The rent of these non AC rooms is Tk 10,000 – 15,000. Food is available. There is a discount for serving in the army or first class government officials. You can contact this number: 01859-025694 / 01847-070395 / 01769-302370

Meghpunji Resort: The most attractive and popular resort in Sajek is Meghpunji Resort. Meghpunji Resort has 4 cottages named Tarasha, Purbasha, Rodela Meghla with beautiful eco-friendly decoration and attractive landscape view. Each can accommodate a maximum of 4 people. The rent of 3 cottages in Meghpunji is Rs 4000, and the rent of another cottage is Rs 4500. Meghpunji Resort has 24 hours water and electricity facility. To get a room in Meghpunji for more popularity, booking should be done at least one month before the trip. Meghpunji Resort cottage booking can be done through mobile contact and website. Contact: 01815-761065, 01814-275755

Megh Machang: Megh Machang Resort located in Ruilui neighborhood is preferred by many for its beautiful view. Megh Machang Resort has a total of five cottages of two types, Wooden and Bamboo. The rent of bamboo cottage is Tk 3500 and wooden cottage is Tk 4000 excluding holidays. And on holidays bamboo cottage rent is 4000 and wooden cottage is 4500 taka. Each cottage has an open balcony facing Mizoram to enjoy the clouds. Megh Machang Resort has catering facilities. Contact: 01822-168877

Runmoy Resort: There are 5 rooms in total. Each room can accommodate 2 persons. The ground floor room rent is Tk 4450. Each room can accommodate 2 persons. You can get an extra bed for 600 rupees. There are two rooms on the upper floor, the rent is Tk. 4950. Each room can accommodate two persons. You can also buy an extra bed for 600 rupees. Contact: 0186547688

Lushai Cottage (TGB Lushai Cottage): The name of the resort is TGB Lushai Cottage, managed by the Facebook-based popular travel group ‘Tour Group BD’. The location of this resort is on the opposite side of Sajek Resort, which is managed by the Bangladesh Army. With beautiful decoration and good landscape view, TGB Lusai Cottage has different categories of rooms for couples, families or groups. The rent of these rooms ranges from Tk 2500 to Tk 4500. There is a discount of Tk 500 on this fare except on holidays. Contact: 01634-198005

Madventure Resort: With three cloud view points arranged in an aesthetic presentation, Madventure is always at the center of interest for travelers. Madventure Resort is located just opposite Stone Garden, the entrance to Sajeke Valley. Each floor of the resort has spacious balconies. 24 hours electricity and water supply. Madventure Resort premium couple room rent 4000 taka, couple classic room rent 3500 taka and double classic room rent 3500 taka. Contact: 01885-424242

Jumghor Eco Resort: Located behind the Ruilui Para Club House, Jumghor Eco Resort is popular among Sajek travelers for its aesthetic presentation. For accommodation, this resort has a total of 6 couple rooms in separate cottages. Each room accommodates a maximum of 4 people. Cottage rent at Jumghar Eco Resort is Rs.4000 and the rent remains the same throughout the year. Each cottage has a large balcony, swing, beautiful garden and seating for watching the clouds. If you want to stay at this resort during the holidays, it is better to book the cottage in advance. Contact: 01884-208060

Sampari Resort (Sampari Resort): With its open environment and excellent view point, Sampari Resort has gained a lot of popularity among the youth. Sampari Resort has different types of rooms like Honeymoon, Couple, Family or Group. Resort room rent couple cottage 3500 taka, couple room 2500 taka, 2 bed room 3500 taka, 3 bed room 4000 taka. And additional bedding charge is 500 taka. A discount of Tk 500 is given on every room rent except working days ie holidays. Contact: 01835-538083

Adrika Echo Cottage: Adrika Eco Resort is the ideal place for those who want to be themselves in an open environment. The location of this resort is behind TGB Lusai Cottage. The resort’s spacious verandas offer views of the magnificent natural landscape. The balcony has easy chairs and seating. This resort has only two large rooms. Each room has a master bed and a mattress/mattress. So that a maximum of 4 people can stay. Room rent is Tk 4000 on Friday, Saturday and other holidays and room rent is Tk 3500 on other days. It is better to book in advance to stay at this resort. Contact: 01877-722859

Trinity Resort (Trinity Resort): Trinity Resort is located near Ruilui Para Shiva Temple on the right side of Sajek entrance. The resort has a total of 8 rooms with four double beds and four couple rooms. The rent of double bed or couple room of Trinity Resort is Tk 4000 on normal days except holidays. And on holidays the rent is Tk 4500. Two couple rooms and two double bed rooms of Trinity Resort can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sajek. Apart from this, there are spacious common verandas, swings and meghview points for all guests of the resort. Contact: 01869-232224

Chayanir Eco Resort: Chayanir Eco Resort is located just opposite Meghpunji Resort near Ruilui Para Club House. Designed in a triangular aesthetic style, this resort attracts the attention of all visitors. There are 3 rooms of two types such as standard and premium in Chayanid Eco Resort. Standard room fare is Tk 3000 and premium room is Tk 3500 per night. The room rent of this resort remains almost unchanged throughout the year. A wonderful sunset view can be enjoyed from Chhayanid Eco Resort. Contact: 01881-164864

Chander Bari Resort (Chander Bari Resort): Located opposite the Rock Garden, Chander Bari Resort is an ideal place to view the sea of clouds. There are total 8 rooms in this resort. And from every room you can see the beautiful landscape of Mizoram hills. In addition, each room has a double bed and extra bed. The premium cottage rent is Tk 4000 on holidays, Tk 3500 on non-holidays. And the room rent of economy cottage excluding holidays is 3500 taka and excluding holidays is 3000 taka. Contact: 01862-643860

Laxman Cottage Salka: Location of Laxman Cottage Salka Resort near Ruilui Para Shiva Mandir. To many it is known as Salka Eco Resort. Salka Resort has total 4 rooms. Exclusive full view room fare is 4000 taka and general category room fare is taka 2500. Laxman Cottage Salka has exclusive full view rooms with open balconies. There is an opportunity to sit in the room or on the balcony and spend time chatting with nature. For information and booking contact: 01847-356781

Rului Resort (Rului Resort): Ruilui Resort is located just behind the club house in Ruilui neighborhood. Each cottage at Ruilui Resort is equipped with a beautiful veranda to facilitate the enjoyment of the enchanting landscape. Each room rent in Ruilui Resort is 4000 to 5000 Tk. Discount facilities are available at various rates on room rent except on holidays. Contact: 01632 030000

Sumui Eco-Cottage (Sumui Eco Resort): Located in Ruilui neighborhood, Sumui Eco-Cottage has two Mizoram view rooms. From the room you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of Sajek. Besides, each room has extra bedding. Room rates at Sumui Eco Cottage remain almost unchanged throughout the year. The current room rent of this resort is Rs.4000. Contact: 01880-908448

Meghadree Eco Resort (Meghadree Eco Resort): Hills, sky, clouds all come together in a unique form of nature seen from the balcony of Meghadree Eco Resort. Meghadri Eco Resort has 6 couple rooms and 2 double bed rooms. However, only the double bed room has a balcony overlooking Sajek’s unique landscape. The rent of double room excluding holidays is 3500 taka and the rent of couple room is 3000 taka. And during the holidays, the room rent of this resort increases depending on the demand of the tourists. Contact: 01883-697728

Jhi Jhi Pokar Bari (Jhi Jhi Pokar Bari): The rent per room in this 4 room cottage is Tk 2000-2500. Contact: 01869-157666

Rock Paradise Cottage (Rock Paradise): There are cottages for 4, 6, 8 people. Rent 2500 to 5000 Tk. Contact: 01842-380234

Abakash Eco Cottage (Abakash Eco Cottage): Room rent on the ground floor of the 3-storey cottage is 2500 rupees, second and third floor rent is 3000 rupees. Each room can accommodate 4 people in a double bed. Contact: 01844-172492

Meghaloy Resort (Meghaloy Resort): The room rent for 4 people in double bed in this 6-room resort is Tk. 2500. Contact: 01611-080962

Sara Neelkutir (Sara Neelkutir): In this 5-room resort, the rent of a double bed is Tk 2500-3000 per room. Contact: 01873-249470

Darjeeling Resort (Darjeelig Resort): Rent 1500-2000 Tk. Contact: 01829-919786

Everest Resort (Everest Resort): Rent 2500-3000 Tk. Contact: 01644-698081

Royal Sajek Resort (Royel Sajek Resort): Double bed room rent 2000-3000 taka. Contact: 01840477976

Sajek Hill View Resort: Double bed room rent 2000-2500 taka, family size bed room rent 1800-2500 taka. Contact: 01878-745843

Maitree Resort (Maitree Hotel & Resort): Room rent with double bed 2500-3000 Tk. Contact: 01681-637836

Megh Bilash Resort: Contact: 01869104000.

Jolbok Cottage (Jolbok Resort): Rent 2000-2500 Tk. Contact: 01820-180750/ 01558-180750

Tribal houses: Apart from this, if you want to stay at a lower cost, you can also stay in tribal houses. You can stay for 200-300 taka per person. Although not ideal for families or couples, friends can stay together.

(Above mentioned the regular rental amount of resort and cottage. The rental amount may be more or less during Friday-Saturday, Eid and various special holidays etc. Sometimes, if the number of tourists is less, some discounts are available in the resorts, but in all cases, to fix the resort or cottage Better to bargain a little.)

Sajek Travel Cost:

Sajek travel costs will largely depend on how well you can adapt to the environment. If you prioritize travel with some sacrifice of your comfort, the cost will be within your reach. Let’s take a look at the travel cost from Dhaka to Sajek.

Direct fare from Dhaka to Dighinala by Shanti Paribahan bus is 580 * 2 = 1,160 taka.
Chander’s car rental for two days including to and fro = Rs.8,000.
Rent of resort or cottage for stay = 2000 Tk.
Food and drink per meal = 100 to 200 taka.

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