Satchari Sanctuary

Satchari Sanctuary

Satchari Sanctuary is not well known to everyone, but it is a well-known name to the local people of Habiganj. Satchari National Park is located on Raghunandan Hill in Chunarughat Upazila of Habiganj District. Satchari National Park is a natural park of Bangladesh. Satchari National Park was established in 2005 with an area of ​​243 hectares under the Wildlife Conservation (Amendment) Act of 1974. This park has seven mountain ridges, hence its name Satchari. The earlier name of Satchari was Raghunandan Hill Reserve Forest. If the outbreak of Corona subsides, you can visit this destination to get peace of mind.

The national park is closely surrounded by a few tea estates, villages, towns and cultivated lands. Nine tea gardens are located near Satchari Udyan. Satchari tea garden is located on the western side of the garden and Chaklapunji tea garden on the eastern side. A village named Tiprapara is located inside the park. Where 24 minority ethnic families live. The people of the surrounding 14 villages, especially tea plantation workers and forest dwellers, are dependent on forest resources in various ways.

In addition to 145 species of plants, Satchari National Park has 197 species of animals. Out of which there are 149 species of birds, 24 species of mammals, 18 species of reptiles and six species of amphibians. The owls of Satchari National Park jump from one tree to another tree and the strange chirping of insects brings great joy to the tourists. Among the 24 species of mammals in this forest, owls, tigers, pigs, snakes, Mukhpora Hanuman, Chashma Hanuman, shy monkey etc. are notable. Among the 149 species of birds, Dhanesh, red-headed trogon and among the rare plants, Vishalta, Pitraj, Kanaidinga, Agar etc. are notable. 20 species of wildlife are on the verge of extinction. Among these almost extinct species are leopard, mechho tiger, shy monkey, Maya deer, owl, myna bird, dove bird, tea bird, Notable wildlife including eagles. Three trails have been developed under the Nisarga program for Satchari Sanctuary tourists.

Half an hour trail: One kilometer long trail leads to Tiprapara, the only village in the forest.

One hour trail: If you want to see different species of flora and fauna of the diverse forest, you should proceed along this trail.

Three-hour trail: This six-kilometer long trail will lead you to the Agar forest. This trail is ideal for bird lovers.

How to go: The easiest way to go from Dhaka is to get off at Madhavpur Muktijoddha Chatwar by any bus going to Sylhet and from there by bus or maxi to Satchari. Apart from this, you can go to Habiganj by rail and road from Dhaka and from there you can go to Satchari. From Dhaka’s Sayedabad, Agradoot Paribahan, Digant Paribahan and Bismillah Paribahan go directly to Habiganj. Rent Non AC 250 to 300 Tk. You can get a guide from the information center of Satchari Udyan. According to the trail guide fee is 200-500 taka respectively. Although maps are provided in the office premises.

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