Seeking closeness to nature at Tarua beach

Seeking closeness to nature at Tarua beach

Dhalchar is an island separated from the Bhola mainland. On the south side of this island is ‘Tarua Beach’. This lush land of unique beauty is surrounded by the turbulent Meghna. As the morning sun rises smiling, so in the evening the red glow spreads across the western sky and hides its face. If you don’t come here, you can’t understand how much beauty is hidden in nature.

Tarua Beach is located at the mouth of the Bay of Bengal at the southern end of Dhalchar Union of Charfashan Upazila of Bhola. It has a beach of about four kilometers long, red crabs, a 230 feet long wooden landing station, vast forests of Keora and Tarua. There are various types of trees including goran, raintree, gewa. When winter comes, the gathering of guest birds sits on the island.

Although there are no dangerous animals in this island, there are various species of animals including foxes, forest cats, snakes. The white baliari on the beach has umbrellas and chairs for tourists. Red crabs run on small legs in Baliari. But when they sense the presence of people, they hide in the hole.

Tarua Beach is a place to visit when you want to take a break from the monotony of busy life. Anyone will fall in love with the roar of the waves, the breath of the waves, the pure air, the fresh fish of the sea. Even if the nature lovers visit, the mind will remain there. Something seems to be left there, calling him to the beach.

how to go

Every day multiple launches leave from Dhaka for Betuara. The launches arrive at the wharf early in the morning. Single cabin fare at launch is 1000 to 1200 taka. Deck rent is Tk 300 to 350 per person. You have to get down to Charfashion’s Betua Ghat and go to Charfashion Bazar by easy bike and pay 20 taka. Borak fare is Tk 45 from there till Kachhpiya which is 30 km away. Motorcycles also run in these places, but in that case you have to pay double the fare. You have to go to Dhalchar by an engine driven trawler (Rental Tk 100) from Kachpiya Ghat. There are two ways to reach the beach from Dhalchar launch ghat. One way is to walk through the forest. But in this case there will be a lot of trouble. Because there is no smooth road. Keora gardens cover most of the area. Walking is not that easy for a newbie. On the other hand, you can go to Tarua Beach with a trawler. Tourists can also visit Char Kukri-Mukri Ecopark on this same trip.

where to stay

There are no residential hotels or bungalows on this beach. However, there are several homestays available. You can stay in these rooms for Tk 200-250 per person. And it is better to camp under the open sky. You can stay here by renting a tent from the locals. This beach can be called an ideal place for camping.

what you eat

Native species of fish are available in this island. Apart from this, various species of delicious fish are available in rivers and seas. But the duck meat roast here, buffalo milk curd is very popular.

where to eat

There are no hotels or restaurants here. However, with the help of locals, you can cook and eat as you wish. Or you can cook and eat yourself. But here the night barbecue party is quite crowded.


This beach has strict security. Police and Ansar members provide round-the-clock security here. Besides, forest department officials also supervise. The good thing is that the local people here will not bother you, but will be busy entertaining you. They are very happy to receive guests.

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