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Shahzadpur Travels – All Contact Number of Shahzadpur Travels Bus Counter and Online Tickets

Shahzadpur Travels – All Contact Number of Starline Bus Counter and Online Tickets

Shahzadpur Travels – All Contact Number of Starline Bus Counter and Online Tickets

Shahzadpur Travels – All Contact Number of Shahzadpur Travels Bus Counter and Online Tickets

Shahzadpur Travels Service Bangladesh is a popular AC and non-AC bus service. There is a Shahzadpur Travels service in different district cities from Dhaka.

Please note, all the information related to the Shahzadpur Travels Services, such as their contact number, counter location, area-based countdown location, all updated information will be available. But there are some practical problems such as location changes, number of changes, and the head of the service may have temporary interruptions. Moreover, some counters stop their services from time to time; Your complaint, our advice to solve all these problems, is desirable for us, so if you want, you can inform us by e-mail at this address- hridayahmed22@gmail.com.

If you do not have time to go to the counter, failing to contact them, there is no reason to worry, we book all types of bus tickets for immediate or advance. Make a ticket booking by calling our customer care.


Kalyanpur Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01778-879171.

Technical Bus Station Counter

Phone: 0711-353947.

Khaleq Pump Bus Counter

Phone: 01778-879171

Technical Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01711-353947, 01307-078643.

Gabtali Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01716-575669, 01748-288626.

Hemayetpur Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01712-494049

Nabinagar Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01712-535407

Savar Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01675-778760


Main Counter, Alangkar

Phone: 01883-742160

Alankar Mazargate Counter

Phone: 01883-742161

Alangkar Mor Counter

Phone: 01883-742162

BRTC Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01883-742163

Bayezid Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01883-742161


Baghabari South Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01711-478812.

Baghabari North Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01712-555329

Shahjadpur BSCIC Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01711-804038, 01714-940995

Shahjadpur Bazar Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01712-456012, 01307-078541

Police Station Ghat Shahjadpur Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01307-078542

Talgachhi Bus Station Counter, Shahjadpur

Phone: 01747-562676

Gandadah Bakul Floor Bus Station Counter

 Phone: 01730-270705

Balsabari Bus Stand Counter, Shahjadpur

Phone: 01776-075184

Ullapara Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01797-600464


Pabna Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01766-165976.

Bypass Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01784-050000

Debottar Bazar Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01722-157810

Atgharia Bazar Bus Station Counter

 Phone: 01733-681626

Mulgram Nijbazar Bus Station

Phone: 01781-443160

Chatmohar Rail Bazar Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01740-122017, 01920-725217

Chatmohar Bus Stand Counter

Phone: 01725-635459

Ramnagar Ghat Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01757-843262

Dhankunia Junction Bus Stand, Chatmohar

Phone: 01736-846555

Psychola Bus Station Counter, Chatmohar

 Phone: 01713-685740, 01706-750884

Berahaulia Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01724-589856, 01884-466116

Bheramara Bus Station Counter, Kushtia District

Phone: 01713-714628

Faridpur Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01714-004248, 01711-366213

Gopalnagar Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01725-319954

Demra Bus Station Counter

Phone: 01712-552363, 01733-117851


Narayanganj Bus Station Counter, Narayanganj District Town

 Phone: 01675-413824.

Noticedhakato.com always going to get the latest information. Any company can change their counter anytime. If a company does this and we have a mistake in the information we give, we are sincerely sorry. Thank you for your cooperation for the right information.

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Also, if you want to send us any complaints or suggestions or information about our web site, please email us at hridayahmed22@gmail.com

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