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Simple Way Perfectly Diabetes Sugar Level Test at Home

Simple Way Perfectly Diabetes Suger Level Test at Home

Simple Way Perfectly Diabetes Suger Level Test at Home

Simple Way Perfectly Diabetes Sugar Level Test at Home

The instrument for measuring diabetes is called glucometer. With the help of this device, the number of points of blood sugar (i.e., the level of diabetes) can be determined while sitting at home.

In this case a fine needle called a lancet is inserted into the tip of the finger. When the blood comes out, a drop of blood is taken in the testing strip and inserted into the machine to check for diabetes.

It is very important for patients with diabetes to have their blood sugar measured regularly. Regular monitoring of sugar levels will make diabetes easier to control. It is important to keep a blood sugar monitor at hand at all times to avoid various health complications of diabetes .

Diabetics are usually advised to measure their blood sugar four times a day, regularly on an empty stomach and two hours after each meal. However, considering the overall health and lifestyle, the number of times and at which time diabetes should be measured may vary from patient to patient. Talk to your doctor to find out the right advice for you.


Everything you need to measure diabetes at home

* Blood sugar measuring machine or glucometer
* Sterile lancet
* Plastic pen for lancet placement
* Test strip
* These can be bought together when buying a glucometer at a pharmacy.

Simple Way Perfectly Diabetes Suger Level Test at Home
Simple Way Perfectly Diabetes Sugar Level Test at Home

Diabetes test rules at home

Here are seven steps to measure your blood sugar at home:

1. First you have to wash your hands thoroughly with soap or handwash and dry them. Hands can also be disinfected with alcohol pads or hand sanitizers instead of soap. But in that case you have to wait until the finger is completely dry.

2. A test strip should be inserted at the designated place on the glucometer. The strip also varies depending on the model of the glucometer. So you have to choose the right strip according to the specific model. In addition, the strip is counterfeit or expired.

3. Attach a lancet inside the plastic pen and remove the lancet lid. Note that every time a new needle is used to measure diabetes. Follow the instructions on the envelope of the glucometer or the leaflet inside the packet to know how to use the pen easily and correctly.

4. Now hold the pen on one side of the finger and pierce the tip of the finger with the needle. Holding the pen on one side of the finger will reduce the pain. Different fingers should be used for measuring blood sugar each time. One drop of blood that comes out normally is enough to measure diabetes on a glucometer.

5. Now you have to put a drop of blood on the test strip attached to the glucometer. The finger should be held in such a way that the drop of blood fills the prescribed part of the test strip. If the amount of blood is too low, incorrect readings may occur or an ERROR may appear on the screen of the glucometer.

. In a few seconds, the blood sugar and diabetes points can be seen on the screen of the glucometer. The calculation is usually shown in mmol / l (millimol / liter) units. If one’s reading on the screen is 6 mmol / l then the level of diabetes or blood sugar is 6 points.

However, the calculation of some glucometers may be shown in mg / dL (mg / dl) unit. If you divide the result in mg / dL unit by 16, the result will be mmol / l unit.

It is good to note the results with a specific diary or notebook to keep track of the level of diabetes.

. Finally the used needle and strip should be thrown in the garbage basket.

Take care of the glucometer regularly and keep it clean and sterile as instructed.


How many points should diabetes have?

For diabetics, doctors set blood sugar targets based on their overall health and lifestyle. Advice is also given on when and how many times a day to measure diabetes with a glucometer.


The following is a list of common blood sugar targets for healthy people and diabetics:

Normal blood sugar levels for healthy people:
On an empty stomach 4 to 6 points
2 hours after eating Below 6 points

Normal blood sugar levels for diabetics:
On an empty stomach 4 to 6 points
2 hours after eating 8 to 9 points


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