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10 Most Beautiful Resorts and Hotels in Srimangal

If you list the popular tourist places in Bangladesh, the name of Srimangal in Moulvibazar district, the country of tea, will be at the top. Due to natural reasons many tourists come to Srimangal every year. Keeping in mind the needs of tourists, very beautiful resorts have been built here. Today I am introducing to you the top 10 resorts in and around Srimangal. Along with some known information of residential hotels, resort reviews, Srimangal Resort and hotel rent. About attractions nearby with cheap accommodation.

Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf

Grand Sultan T Resort & Golf, the first five-star hotel in Sylhet division, has 135 rooms in eight different categories. The lowest room rate of Grand Sultan is King Deluxe Tk 24,000 and the highest room rate is Presidential Suite Tk 78,000. However, there is a provision of discount on room rent for different times and occasions.

For Reservation : +88 01730 793501-4
For corporate or group events: +88 01730 793552
America : +17182456765
UK : +447024060680
Japan : +81 9098182749
Facebook page:

Dusai Resort & Spa

Dusai Resort & Spa has 2 categories of rooms namely Hotel and Villa. To book a hotel category room for one night, you have to spend a minimum of 9,600 to a maximum of 12,000 rupees depending on the category. And spending a night in a villa costs from a minimum of 16,200 taka to a maximum of 60,000 taka depending on the category.

Phone: +880 861 64100
Hotline: +880 1617-005511
Mail :
Website :

Novem Eco Resort

Renting any one room of Novem Eco Resort, built keeping the natural beauty intact in Srimangal of Moulvibazar district, will cost from 5500 to 20500 taka.

Mobile: 017109882000.

Lemon Garden Resort

An ideal place for newly married couples to spend their honeymoon, Lemon Garden Resort will cost Rs 3600 for a couple room and Rs 7200 for a family room. And the entry fee for visitors is 300 rupees.


Mobile: 01779626330, 01758771492, 01763555000

Srimangal Tea Resort

The minimum rent for an economy room in the scenic Srimangal Tea Resort is Tk 2000 and the maximum rent for an AC bungalow is Tk 8000.

01712-071502, 08626-71207

Tea Heaven Resort

Tea Heaven Resort in Srimangal has family deluxe, twin share, couple deluxe rooms besides executive rooms named Hamham, Chaya Vriksha and Camellia. Taking a room at this resort will cost 2000 to 5500 taka.

Uttar Uttarsur, Habigonj Road Sreemangal-3210, Moulvibazar.
Mobile: 01708033544, 01708033545, 01938305706

Nisarg Eco-Resort

Nisarg Resort is divided into 2 parts named “Lichibari” and “Nirab”. It will cost 2500 to 5000 taka to take rooms of different categories in Lichibari and quiet areas.

Phone: 880 1766 557780

Shantibari Eco Resort

Shanti Bari Eco Resort consists of a double wooden house and 2 bamboo cottages. The rent of each room in a wooden house is Rs 3000 and the room rent of a bamboo cottage is Rs 2000.

Mobile: 01716-189288

Grand Salem Resort

Grand Salim Resort & Tour Resort is located in Ramnagar of Srimangal Upazila. To stay, you have to spend 2100 to 3600 taka to take a room at Grand Salim Resort.

Mobile: 01709-883333, 01616-164066
Resort Website:

Swiss Valley Resort

The Swiss Valley Resort cottages located in Shamshernagar of Moulvibazar in the cool shade of trees have various rooms for rent of Tk 2000-4000.

Some residential hotels in Srimangal

Hotel Marina : You have to spend 500 to 4000 rupees to spend one night at Hotel Marina located in Srimangal town. Contact: Mobile: 01787-33 35 44

T Town Rest House: One night at T Town Rest House will cost 1000 to 2500 Tk. Mobile: 01718-316202

Hotel Mohsin Plaza: 2500 to 3500 Tk for overnight stay at Hotel Mohsin Plaza located on College Road in Srimangal.
Mobile: 01711-390039

Hotel United Residential: One night at Hotel United Residential located next to the Dhaka-Sylhet highway costs between 500 and 2000 taka. Mobile: 01723-033695

Hotel Al Rahman: You can easily spend the night at Hotel Al Rahman for 800 to 2000 taka. Mobile: 01712-317515

If you have decided to stay at a resort, make sure to book in advance whichever resort you stay at.

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