Suranjana – will tell the well-being of the forest

‘Suranjana’ will tell the well-being of the forest

Awooden path leads straight ahead. While walking on that path, the eyes will stop in front of a green forest. The goodness of the forest that grows with the touch of salt water can be found on the surface. Besides, birdsong and cool breeze will be your companion. This is like a magical proximity to nature. This nature-peace can be found at Barguna’s ‘Suranjana’ Ecopark.

Barguna is a small district surrounded by the sea. The combination of sea-river-forest has created a wonderful beauty in this town. The regular flow of tides and mangrove forests make Barguna come alive. ‘Suranjana’ is an expression of the effort to bring that river and mangrove forest closer to tourists. The official journey of this travel center started on December 20, 2021 with the slogan ‘Jangale Mangal’ in front.

Suranjana is located at the confluence of Bahaman Bishkhali and Khakdon rivers. This well-planned tourist center has been built in the lap of forests. A curvy foot trail has been constructed here keeping in mind the convenience of the visitors. He can walk from one place to another. There are rest rooms, swings to sit when tired. When the tired body is looking for tea and coffee, it will get it in the designated place.

Thousands of trees are nurtured here with utmost care in salt water and mud. Those plants will give a feeling of rich oxygen intake. Various species of trees including Keora, Karamza, Gol, Chaila can be seen in the forest. This is like a picture of a skilled artist painted on art paper with soft brush. That picture is painted in green color. About 30 species of wildlife including squirrels, jackals, jackals, guisaps, bejis, crabs, live in that wonderland of nature. About 90 species of birds can be seen.

The aesthetic beauty is spread everywhere in this nature. The open air came and embraced it after passing a long way there. As if the rhythm of the wind catches the paw with the mind. Mind and nature compete with each other, who can love whom. 

For whom ‘Suranjana’

Suranjana is for those who want to enjoy nature while basking in the cool breeze. Besides, adventure loving tourists come here. Tourists come here every day to spend some time in the proximity of magical nature. People of all ages including children, youth, women are running. Newlyweds or lovers come out of this ecopark when they have time. Many people rush there to celebrate their birthday with two or four people. This is one of the best places to watch the sunset while standing on the banks of the river. In the light of the sunset, the visitors paint their minds in the colors of dreams.


You can go to Barguna by direct bus from Dhaka’s Sayedabad and Gabtali at a fare of 600 to 700 taka. Or you can go to Barguna by launch. In this case, the cabin rent for two is about 3000 taka, and the cabin rent for one is taka 1600. If you call, the rent will be 400 taka. Then by local transport to the destination.


There are several residential hotels in Barguna for accommodation. You can easily find various quality restaurants to eat. Suranjana told the authorities that they would also assist the tourists in any matter.

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