Take a tour from Shillong’s Wards Lake

Take a tour from Shillong’s Wards Lake

Sea or mountains? There is a lot of debate among travelers about this. But in this regard, the lake is not far behind. Many people like mountains and lakes together. This time many people will migrate to the neighboring country India during the Eid holidays. If you want, you can also travel from Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya. The lakes here are the history of the city. Culture is also connected with them.

Wards Lake in Shillong is a man-made lake. It was designed by Sir William Ward, the then Chief Commissioner of Assam in 1894. The lake was built by Colonel Hopkins. The purpose of the lake was to create a recreational space for British officers and their families. Due to the location of Wards Lake, the builders of this lake were sure that one day the lake would become an integral part of Shillong’s heritage.

Surprisingly, the lake has not changed much since then. The lake, even today, is decorated with flowers, stone paths and wooden bridges. Later the beauty of the lake was enhanced by planting some cherry trees.

The lake has natural springs. Filled with water during monsoon. As a result, this lake always overflows with fresh water. Visitors walk around to enjoy the beauty of this lake. Apart from this, paddle boats are also rented out. There are also fish in this lake. which attracts the attention of tourists.

Wards Lake is also known as a venue for cultural events and exhibitions. The most popular of these is the Cherry Blossom festival. At this time, the surroundings of the lake are covered in pink and white colors. Gardens by the lake are used as a backdrop for picnics.

Shillong’s Wards Lake stands as a testimony to the architectural and aesthetic style of the British era. Even after all these years, it has not only retained its historical charm. Rather, it has also become a destination that showcases the natural beauty of Shillong.

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