The eye-catching waterfalls in Bandarban

The eye-catching waterfall falls in Bandarban

The beauty in the folds of the mountains. Even more beauty, in the waterfall in the belly of the mountain. Which is eye-catching, mind-blowing. I wandered for five whole days to enjoy the beauty of this path. I walked from Thanchi in Bandarban to all the inaccessible hills of Ruma Upazila. I saw the magical form of six fountains. I saw the lifestyle of the mountain dwellers, heard their survival stories.

But this hilly path is very difficult. More aesthetic though. It is written about the scary and exciting times of life. Today is the fifth episode. Let’s walk from noon on Sunday, the third day of the hill expedition.

Tarat Bengali means old woman, and Tarpi means old woman. Saita means fountain. I said goodbye to the old woman and started the journey on the way to the old woman. I hear again and again, a terrible road ahead. We are also ready. I started climbing the mountain. It just stopped raining. The hill has become extremely slippery.

The guide said, be very careful to walk. If the foot slips, you have to fall down. And if you fall down you will die. Rubel and Prince Bhai were saying that we have to walk a lot on this road. There is another route to Tarpi, which I heard takes much less time.

But the guide claims; On the top of the mountain we have to go, we cannot walk without holding a rope. Very dangerous mountain. It will be twelve o’clock of life only if it is here and there. On the other hand we don’t even have a rope. As a result, leaving this thought aside, we walked through the bamboo garden. The strange thing is, how is it possible to grow bamboo on such a steep hill; That’s what I was thinking.

But, this is the beginning of a different danger. The leech clinging to the bamboo started burning more. On the neck, back, head and hands and feet, blood-sucking leeches have started to proliferate. But, we have nothing to do. As a result, we walk away from the thought of the leech. There is great suffering. Sweating, drinking water. Suddenly, the leg was cut off by a bamboo root. I was watching, today there is no shortage of sweat or blood!

As I walk, I see the cave of the collapsed mountain. You have to go up along this path. The guide cut a bamboo there. We hold on to bamboo and tree roots to cross the collapsed path. Afraid of a terrible danger. I put the mobile phone hanging around my neck in the bag. Now I don’t have the courage to take pictures or videos.

Trekking sandals become heavy with mud. It is difficult to walk. I slipped and fell once, caught the bamboo. The bamboo was uprooted! Later I was saved somehow by another tree. This is how we all pass the way. A stream suddenly came down from the top. I was so tired that I sat down on the couch. I also drink water from the jar. It seemed that there was some peace.

Now I started walking along the Jhiri path. Tarpi Jharna was seen after going some distance. I stood in front of the fountain and just stared for a while. I was looking at the youth of the fountain and I was thinking, why is the name of this fountain Tarpi or Bura? Toitumbur looks young, Joan is a fountain! The water of the fountain is flowing down from far above. Which is eye catching.

Due to the fountain falling from a high place, the speed of the water is increasing and it is splashing down with the sound of shan shan. The water is jumping up due to splashing. He is soaking his body in water. Soft sensations play throughout the body. feel comfortable enjoying charming It seems that the very tired body has suddenly become fresh. I am satisfied with these thoughts.

I sat right in front of the fountain to enjoy this beauty. Blowing smoke and making the wonderful environment there enjoyable. It seems like I sit right in front of the fountain for hours. However, as a result of great suffering, it seemed a little early; Go back without seeing the fountain! Then the body was no longer moving.

But, I did not come to go back. I will not go back until I finish the destination to stay alive, this attitude from the beginning of the campaign. Coming to the mountain, I remembered one thing very much. A very tired body is suddenly thrilled with an enthralled mind! All around became very excited. It is really difficult to describe this beauty.

Now we are taking pictures and videos of each other. All fatigue is over! When I wanted to go under the fountain, the guide wanted to smoke a cigarette. Pulling a cigarette, he said, ‘Look, there’s a snake right under the fountain!’ Seen once. I couldn’t find it later. The guide said, ‘There is no need to go down. These are poisonous snakes. There may be danger.’ Still wanted to go down. But, the guide did not allow to go down.

I spent some more time in front of the fountain like this. But, dissatisfaction remained. It seems again and again, to come back to this fountain and go down even if there are many people! With this regret, I said goodbye to an old man in Toitambu in my youth.

I have to return by the same path that I came to this fountain a little while ago. Thinking about the bamboo garden, the body tensed. So far I have passed all the mountain roads, this road seems to be the most difficult. I started to climb the steep hill again through the bamboo plantation. Same path, same mountain.

Rubel Bhai’s mobile phone hanging around his neck while climbing the mountain seems to have fallen. However, the phone was found while searching later. But, on the way back, Rubel Bhai’s toe was cut by a stone. Looking at the neck, the leech is eating blood. Unable to take off the Genji. Look, leeches in Genji too. There is no way to catch leeches anywhere in the whole body!

Thus we came back to the old Jhiri route. The body was so tired, I did not hesitate to dive into the knee-deep water. I felt relieved after taking a bath. Thus we are returning by the way we came here. When I reached the place to see the green colored snake, it started to get scared again. Although I thought to myself, maybe the snake is gentle! Or could try to harm.

I have to return again in the evening by the route I am going through. In this thought, we were all talking about our main guide. Because, if the guide did not ask us to go back to Thingdulte neighborhood, there would not have been any additional trouble. From Thingdulte neighborhood we will go to Thaikhyong neighborhood. If you want to go to that neighborhood, you have to come this way again. As a result, the guide could have brought our belongings closer to us on the way if he wanted. It would have reduced our suffering. From here I could go straight to Thaikhyong Para.

In this way, when we reach Thingdulte village by treading the mountain road, it is evening. The guide did not let him rest. He said, it will be night when we go to Thaikhyong Para. If it is late at night, animals can make trouble. As a result, you have to get out now. But then the body is not moving at all. On one side, the leg is swollen, on the other hand, it is indigestion from the bite of a leech. Shakil’s leg condition is very bad. It looks like the ligament is torn. He is digging and walking.

The guide thought that we would stay one more night in Thingdulte neighborhood on our way back in the evening. But, this idea of ​​the guide is not correct. Because I have to return to Dhaka before Wednesday morning. He is supposed to appear in the office on this day after the holiday. However, when the guide realized that we would not stay here any longer; Then he got angry. He said, ‘Let’s go, I will go out now.’ If in this neighborhood, the guide would get some money more. At the same time, we have 100 taka per person for three meals. Here he has a big profit account.

However, we are forced to leave quickly without looking at anyone’s body. Walking along the same route, we set off towards the Thaikhyong neighborhood. It was dark all around. We are also walking. After crossing two or three high mountains in this way, the guide said, we are almost close. But, the way does not end. Thaikhyong Para is located on a very high hill. The legs were getting stiff while walking, and the body was not moving at all.

It was eight o’clock at night. We are now at the entrance to the Thaikhyong neighborhood. The guide said, the army people came here once on Saturday and informed; So that no tourist can stay in the neighborhood. The guide said, ‘Don’t look anywhere. Don’t talk to anyone. Go straight up to a room. Take a bath and rest. I will start cooking. After eating you will go to sleep. You have to go to see ‘Double Falls Saitar’ on Monday morning.’

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