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The Kingdom of Flowers is Gadkhali

The Kingdom of Flowers is Gadkhali

The Kingdom of Flowers is Gadkhali

The Kingdom of Flowers is Gadkhali

People’s attraction and love for flowers is eternal. So if you want, you can visit a piece of flower state in Bangladesh from Gadkhali. In the morning you can visit the flower wholesale market.

Jhikargacha and Sharsha police stations of Jessore district cover about 5000 bighas of only a collection of colors. It seems that a vast carpet of all colors has been laid. Here farmers cultivate only flowers in their land. In these areas, the fragrance of flowers in the air and the beauty of butterfly wings have created a wonderful beauty.

Flowers are supplied all over the country from this Gadkhali wholesale market. Although there is a daily demand for flowers in various programs including weddings, the demand for them increases many times on special days. Apart from New Year’s Day, February 1st, Independence Day, only on Valentine’s Day, about 50 crore worth of flowers are bought and sold.

About 15 thousand hectares of land in these areas are commercially producing 11 types of flowers including rosary, rose, gerbera, marigold, gladioli, gypsy, rodstick, calendula, chrysanthemum.

Around 1982, Sher Ali Sardar started flower cultivation in this country by cultivating Rajnigandha flowers. After that, various kinds of flowers came and took place in the whole Gadakhali. Initially, flowers were cultivated in certain months of the year, but now flowers are cultivated almost throughout the year. Different types of flowers are produced here. 70-75 percent of our country’s flower needs are met from Jessore.

Stay and eat

There is rice hotel in Painshara for lunch. Apart from that, you will find some hotels in Gadkhali market. You can get good quality food in Jhikargacha Bazaar at Kabir Hotel. You must go to Jessore for overnight stay.

coming and going

A few buses leave for Jessore from Gabtali Bus Stand or Abdullahpur in the capital. Fare for non-AC is Tk 450 and AC bus fare is Tk 800.


Morning: Sundarban Express departs from Dhaka station at 8:15 am, fare is Tk 455 per person.

Evening: Chitra Express at 7, fare 455 taka per person.

Midnight: Benapole Express from Dhaka Airport Station at 11:48 PM.

Sundarban Express train from Jessore at 11:30 PM.

Chitra Express from Jessore at 10 am

Benapole Express 1:20 PM from Jhikargacha.

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