The Padma Bridge of Bangladesh

The Padma Bridge of Bangladesh

padma Bridge has been inaugurated after a long wait after many ups and downs. The largest bridge in the country has created a bridge between the people of 21 districts of the southern region. It also stands tall on 42 stout poles as a gigantic shadow in the raging waters of the Padma.

The contours of Padma Bridge blended with nature to create a unique scene, which thousands of people were eagerly waiting to enjoy. The location of Mawa Ghat is a short distance from the capital Dhaka. From there, you will see the dream Padma Bridge only after crossing the Mawa Expressway. Many have gone to see this unforgettable history of Bangladesh by boat, trawler or launch. And now you will get a chance to touch directly. Along with that, Padma’s fresh hilsa fish is fried. So Padma Bridge will be one of the places to visit on holidays.

how to go

Hilsa bus leaves from Gulistan in the capital for Mawa. Apart from this, the Mawa end of Padma Bridge can also be reached by BRTC AC bus from Phulbaria Bus Terminal. Again, if you want to see Padma Bridge from any place outside Dhaka and Dhaka, you have to come to Jatrabari bus stand first. From there you can go directly to Padma Setu by AC or non AC bus.

The country’s first expressway has been built around the Padma Bridge. The distance of this expressway from Dhaka end to Bhanga in Faridpur is only 55 km, which will take a little more than half an hour to cross. And it will take half an hour to go from Dhaka to Mawa. From Jatrabari, take Mawa Road and go straight to the door of Padma Bridge through this expressway.

what to eat

Go to Padma and don’t eat fried hilsa, what happens? On the way around Padma Bridge, you will find the hilsa market at Mawa Ghat. It is a very popular place to sit on the banks of the Padma and eat fresh hilsa fish. Every year during the rainy season, many tourists come here to eat freshly fried hilsa. But if you want to eat hilsa fish, you have to go behind Shimulia Ghat or Mawa fish market. Hilsa fries are accompanied by a variety of fillings and eggplant fries. Apart from this, you can try the traditional rasgolla of Maw while traveling.

where to stay

A day tour is usually the best place to visit in a short amount of time on holiday. Dhaka residents can visit the Padma Bridge during the day and return again during the day. But those who come from other parts of Bangladesh to see Padma Bridge in Mawa, they can stay at Mawa Resort located next to Padma Bridge.

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