The story of pink twilight, silver night and golden morning

The story of pink twilight, silver night and golden morning

Wanted to enjoy the last sunset of the year at the top of Keokradong. But due to various reasons it was quite late to reach Baga Lake. I started walking very fast thinking that it will be difficult to walk when the sun sets. As the sun sets, submerging itself behind the hills, Darjeelingpara is quite far away. As it was already evening, I took some time to enjoy the red sun setting on the lap of the hill, sitting on the back of the hill, leaning against the tree.

Behind the green hills in the distance, the brilliant red sun was getting smaller and bigger. Clouds fluttering in the trees of the green mountains, the heat of a fire in a distant mountain range, the presence of evening stars in the clear sky, the smile of the half moon in the middle sky. The sun is slowly going behind the mountains little by little. It looked pretty. The white clouds of green mountains, the play of black trees and gray smoke, the sun sitting on the top of the mountains, the crooked smile of the half moon, the evening star hiding, the gap between the leaves of the trees.

The mountain sunset was not enjoyed for long. It’s getting late, it will be dark soon, we have to reach Keokradong. I was forced to start walking again with a bag on my shoulder. I was forced to walk very fast to escape the mountain winter attack of the last December. Although it took about two more hours to reach Keokradong. Due to the extreme cold, it did not take long to reach the summit, and everyone ate as much as they could before going to sleep.

I woke up once many nights, I was woken up by the noise outside. I was quite scared thinking that there was a big storm outside. Because the tin house on top of the hill is shaking, moving and sometimes swaying! As if the cyclone outside! But this winter of the last December is not supposed to be such a storm, then?

With great difficulty, with a little fear, I got out from under the cover and gasped when I saw the interior of the room. Because, instead of darkness at night, the whole house is illuminated by the light of the full moon. The tin and bamboo fence where there was space, the moonlight penetrated all of it, creating an unearthly light-darkness, an illusionary world in the dark room. Such an impossible night of happiness has never come in this life. Another happy game of matching was going on throughout the room. I really wanted to go out to see the appearance of such an unearthly night, but due to some fear and apprehension, I could not go out immediately.

But I couldn’t stay in bed for long due to such beauty and the charm of her form. Ignoring the fear of the gusty wind, I went out after all the warm clothes I had. Luckily I got out, otherwise I would have been forever deprived of seeing the white sea for the first time on the top of such a mountain. As soon as I went out to the edge of the mountain, all my fears disappeared immediately after seeing a huge white smoke river in the middle of the mountain. I did not know that there is such a big river in the mountain gorge!

I was sitting for a long time watching the silvery moonlight spread on the smoky river flowing in the folds of the mountains, I was watching the blue light of the candles burning in the gap between the trees in the mountains, the twinkling of millions of stars in the sky, the clouds standing silently somewhere in the clear sky, and the clouds in some places. Running in groups. Once the cold, the wind, the loneliness did not allow me to sit or stand. So I was forced to get up. Going to bed and not getting sleepy waiting for the morning.

In no way do I want to miss the golden sun of the next morning, the dewdrops on the grass, the white clouds clinging to the mountains, the embrace of the mist, the warm touch of the first sun. When did I fall asleep? But as soon as the rooster crowed, he woke up. I went out after wearing enough warm clothes. To see the first sunrise over Keokradong.

Ah, what was that morning, I couldn’t figure out where to look…

The eagerness of the mountains waiting for the light to break out in the evening, the tangle of mountains and clouds, the clouds of fog, the play of colors in the sky, as far as the eye can see, only the high and low wilderness of the mountains. On one side the mountain bushes, the chirping of birds, the crowing of mountain roosters, the sea of ​​clouds on the other. At night I thought it was a river, in the morning I found out that it is not actually a river, because there is a large empty space between the mountains on both sides, the clouds accumulate over the vast mountainous area and it looks like a river. Not only me, many people mistake the accumulation of clouds as a river.

An inseparable embrace of clouds and mist on the surrounding mountains. Dew particles on the green grass on the hilltop. Somewhere the shy smile of the shy, hiding the face behind the veil in shame as the dew falls. Seeing this, the sun started to shine across the sky. There was a play of colors across the gray sky. As the sun shone, a golden morning appeared in the whole of Keokradong.

The smile of the sun spreading gold all around, the golden sun shining on the leaves of the trees, the golden sun shining on the dew of the grass. A morning wrapped in gold all around. Wherever you look, the golden sun is inviting, inviting and comforting. The immensity of pink twilight, silver night and golden morning.

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