The whole day’s troubles go away by seeing Lung Phir Bha Waterfall

The whole day’s troubles go away by seeing Lung Phir Bha Waterfall

The beauty in the folds of the mountains Even more beauty , in the waterfall in the belly of the mountain Eye-catching , mind-blowing I wandered for five whole days to enjoy the beauty of this road I have walked from Thanchi in Bandarban to the remote hills of Ruma Upazila I saw the magical form of six fountains I have seen the lifestyle of the mountaineers living on the top of the hill , heard their survival stories .

But this hilly path is very difficult Although more beautiful than that This article is about the scary and exciting times of life Today is the second episode. Let’s walk from the beginning of Saturday, the second day of the mountain expedition.

Baktlai neighborhood. After various worries, we are in a comfortable sleep. Wait for morning. Waiting, enjoying the mountain top. It was 5 o’clock in the morning. The guide called loudly and said, ‘Get up and eat. have to get out I have to walk all day today.’

We also know that today we have to cross the hilly road. As a result, I sat up wiping my eyes. I gritted my teeth and got ready. Hill vegetables and egg khichuri for breakfast, great. Paharis are hospitable even in exchange of money.

After eating, it is the turn of Gochagah. The bag next to it weighs a lot. Filled with delicious food and clothes for the whole five days. A fellow passenger sat in the crowd and said, ‘If I go, you will have trouble in your mountain expedition. My condition is not good. Chest heaves, heart palpitations when climbing mountains. It is dangerous if you can’t walk into many places. Who will bring me back later?’

His words were logical. It is difficult to send him back to the locality if he falls ill in the remote mountains. It was decided in the team meeting that one group came only to see Baktlai Jharna. They will return to Dhaka after watching the speech. He will be associated with that group and sent to Dhaka. The decision was implemented.

At the end of the party, I am wearing a turquoise colored shirt and pants and an angled nicap. Hill bamboo stick in hand. You have to cross many hilly paths of Thanchi and Ruma upazilas with this stick. In any case, even if one fails, the seven of us are ready to take all risks to the remote mountains.

After drinking tea at a shop in the neighborhood, it was time to leave. We all took pictures while standing in a row. Worried about the legs, have to climb a few hills today. No more stories or wasting time, I will leave now. Saturday, 7:30 am. At the beginning of the journey, I wrote on Facebook, ‘Completely going out of the network! Fee Amanillah.’

Baktlai Para is much above the sea level. From there our expedition started. In front of the guide, he is climbing the mountain. We are behind. The guide said, his instructions are top notch. I am going up the hill for thirty minutes. Everyone is on their feet. It seemed that someone pulled the leg from below. Meanwhile, the road was very slippery after the rain at night. There are leech bites. In this way, at one time it seemed to be on the top of the mountain, the clouds are far below us! Eye catching view.

Now it’s time to come down from the hill. going down I have been going down many times with bamboo sticks in front. steep hill Again and again it seemed that life is over once it falls! Going down like this for more than an hour. As if the road is never ending. While walking, my feet slipped. It seemed, this may be the last time to breathe!

Throat is dry. Meanwhile, everyone has run out of water. Body tired, thirsty. going down At that time, he met two mountain youths. When he saw us, his eyes widened and he said, ‘See the hills and give them a side.’ I saluted, they left.

9:30 am. A neighborhood came into view. The name is Luang Mual Para. Before reaching here, I wet my throat in the water pipe of the neighborhood. I think I lost my mind. Take off the shoes and see the feet are bloody! A few leeches are comfortably feeding on blood. The guide let us sit on the balcony of one of the rooms. A monkey was there. Huge wooden house. Everyone was sitting on the balcony but I went inside the room. I talked to the members of the house. They said, there are 46 families in this neighborhood. There will be 210 residents in total. We are allowed to eat boiled corn. It felt good. The hospitable people claim that boiled corn is very useful as an energy booster while climbing the mountain.

It was around 10:30 in the morning. Get ready and start walking again. After walking a distance of a few hours, another neighborhood was seen at the top of a hill. The name of the neighborhood is Fainum. In advance, the guide told, ‘Don’t look anywhere while walking through this neighborhood. not to make a sound They can inform the Arakan army.’

The guide left us waiting and entered the neighborhood first. After waving, we also entered. I walked quietly. I, however, secretly tried to see the neighborhood. Their houses are great. A naked old woman was seen. I turned my eyes and looked to the other side and saw that the residents of this neighborhood were looking at us from the sky.

Passed Fainum Para and climbed another hill. The physical condition of all of us is up to this mountain. Especially Rani Bhai could no longer walk. He was stopping after 10-20 steps. Eating water, dates, almonds and mangobars and walking little by little. The rest have gone ahead. I don’t go forward. I’m behind Rani Bhai, if anything happens!

The guide repeatedly informs, it is not possible to walk like this. Must walk fast. Otherwise it will be our night to reach Saloupi Para after watching ‘Lung Phir Bha Saitar’. But, as time went on, Rani Bhai started getting sicker. It seemed like we had nothing to do. Having to sit down soon. At one point, Rani Bhai lowered his shoulder bag and lay down on the ground with his legs crossed. My fear grew. What will happen now, how can I take Rani Bhai on a full five-day walk? There are no people around. Do you have to call the national emergency service 999? Meanwhile, there is no network on the mobile phone.

We are resting without seeing any way. Rani Bhai started blinking. We have already come a long way. I called my brother and said, ‘Any problem?’ Brother said, ‘I can walk now.’ But he is sick! Every time I asked if there was a problem, he said, ‘There will be no more problems. I can now!’

I listen to Rani Bhai and my confidence increases. He is a traveler. Brother is in need of water again and again. I have two liters of water with me. More than one and a half liters of water is gone. My throat is dry and wooden. But, I have already stopped drinking water. If Rani Bhai suddenly asks for water, where will I give it? You have to walk more to get water. I think about these things and want to know, ‘Rani bhai is everything okay?’

Rani Bhai repeatedly says that he is fine. But his body is not saying that. The weight of the bag with the brother is more than 10 kg. Because of this bag, he has to bear more trouble. Our partner Rubel Bhai. Admin of Chalghuri Bangladesh team. He shouldered his brother’s bag to comfort Rani Bhai. After some time we started walking again. But, he got tired after a while with two bags.

I took the bag without finding any other way. My bag is too heavy. I climbed two big hills with one bag on my chest and another on my back. Then I forced myself to drop some clothes from Rani Bhai’s bag. I took out some things in my bag. Rani Bhai also gradually recovered. After the burden dropped, he took the bag on his shoulder. We are walking like this, climbing the hill.

Now we have lost our way. The guide found another mountaineer and took advice. Then we went down a hill and came across the Remakri Canal. I am walking along this canal. What a crooked path. I was afraid to walk. The stones in the stream are very slippery. Although no one wanted to go down there, I went down and took a bath. I drink water. We all filled water bottles. strong current After that, I quickly packed up and started walking again.

After going some distance, it became known that to get to Lung Phir Bhat, you have to climb the hill again. There is also a strong current in the canal. Even though the water was knee-deep, no one dared to go down alone. As a result, we crossed the canal hand in hand. The canal is located far down the hill. From there I climbed another huge hill. I’m going up this mountain, I’m going up! As if the road is never ending. It took more than two hours. It takes more than an hour to descend from the peak.

While walking I saw a zoom room. The guide said to leave the bag here. A fountain is nearby. After crossing a few jum paddy fields, it is time to descend the steep hill. When I started to descend from the mountain, everyone was afraid. I had to hold on to the tree and go down. Everyone got tired going down like this. It is now half past two in the afternoon. It took a total of seven hours to reach this place.

From far above, the sound of water falling from the Lung Phir Bha fountain is heard. We are now down to our desired huge lung phir va saitar. High mountains all around. From two nearby mouths, the water of the fountain was falling down over a large area across several steps. Falling down means, falling where we are standing. From there the spring descends further down the hill. I could not even try to see how much it is going down. There are green plants in the gap between the fountain water. In this scene, our tired body becomes lively. This is a strange beautiful magical fountain!

This scene will remain in the heart forever. I took a picture. I made a video. Thus we spent half an hour under the Lung Phir Bha waterfall. Standing in front of the fountain, it seemed that the water was falling on the body from above. After a while it started raining. The magical appearance of the fountain was increasing in the rain. Now we have to go back. The path we came down a little earlier, at that time, our chests were heaving to descend on the dry path. I do not know what we have on our foreheads on the wet road! Set off, destination Saloupi.

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