Travel with Bedouins in Falguni Hawa Sajek

Travel with Bedouins in Falguni Hawa Sajek

After the harshness of bone-chilling winter, Fagun’s Kusum Kusum is the arrival of spring in the cool environment. The hills are calling with the invitation of young leaves and Palash, Shimul, Krishnachura. Aparup Sajek can travel by answering this call. And also a glimpse of the nature of Khagrachari. If you want a charming arrangement on your way, you can safely visit the Bedouins.

Now Sajek has assumed heavenly form. Various birds including cuckoos are calling from the trees. In the morning, you will wake up with their sweet tunes and songs. The sun, lost in the realm of mist, will peep out in silvery light. New buds are growing on green trees. And all around Palash, the black peak of Bahari youth. So don’t delay and visit the charming Sajek Valley with Bedouins with friends and family. And also the green touch of Khagrachari on the way back.

Bedouin tours

Tour Start : 5 March 11 PM.

Tour ends: March 8 at 6 am.

Travel to Khagrachari by bus from Gabtali, Kalyanpur, Kalabagan, Kamalapur, Sayedabad counters at 9 pm on the day of the journey.

Tour expenses

Only 4 thousand 800 taka per person (four people sharing in one room).

Only 6 thousand 999 taka per person (two/couple in one room).

All that is in the Bedouin tour

Eco resort, non-AC Hinobus, traditional food, barbecue night, mountain chicken delicacies, sightseeing tours, entry fee, reserve jeep, knowledgeable and friendly guide, an attractive Bedouin t-shirt.


Mobile Number : 01307-403 933, 01683-800780

Bedouin tour package services

Dhaka-Khagrachari-Dhaka Non Acebus Ticket, Overnight Accommodation at Eco Resort, Six Meals Main Meal, Afternoon Breakfast, One Meal Traditional Food of Khagrachari, Full Time Reserve Jeep for Two Days (12 to 13 People Sharing), All Entrance Fees, Tour to All Sightseeing Places mentioned.

places of interest

1. Sajek

Kanglak Para/Hill : A hill community neighborhood on the highest hill in Sajek. From Sajek you have to go to the foot of the mountain by jeep and climb the mountain by trekking. The feeling of watching sunrise and sunset from there is breathtaking.

Stone Garden : It is a stone garden on the lap of the hill. Several stones and a stone bridge are preserved here.

Helipad : Helipad used by army. From here you can clearly see the sea of ​​clouds, the night sky and the fair of stars.

2. reed

Alutila : The only rocky cave with clear water stream.

Risang Jharna : Going to the hilly Jharna is a bit difficult.

Zilla Parishad Park : Built by the district administration, this park has a hanging bridge, Naynaviram lake, water fountain and restaurant.

food menu

first day

Breakfast: Parota/roasted khichuri, eggs, vegetables, dal, tea, mineral water.

Lunch: White rice, bamboo chicken, potatoes, vegetables, dal, salad, mineral water.

Afternoon snack: Singara, onions, biscuits and tea.

Dinner: Parotta, Chicken Barbeque, Dal, Salad, Sauce, Soft Drinks, Mineral Water.

second day

Breakfast: Khichuri/parotta, egg, fried egg, dal, vegetable, mineral water.

Lunch : White Rice, Rui Fish/Beef/Desi Chicken/Duck, Vaji, Bharta, Dal, Salad, Mineral Water.

Dinner : White rice, desi chicken/beef/duck, bhaji, bharta, dal, salad, mineral water.

Travel details

Day 1: Reach Khagrachari in the morning, wash hands and face in the restaurant, have breakfast and leave for Sajek by jeep. After reaching Sajeke take lunch and rest for a while. Reaching Kanglak hill after 3 pm. Return to the resort after sunset. After dinner visit the helipad and stay overnight.

Day 2: Wake up early to see the magnificent view of Sajek. A mountain wrapped in a blanket of mist will seem like a port of clouds. You can see the natural beauty of Stone Garden and its surroundings before breakfast. After packing the bag and having breakfast, ride the jeep and leave for Khagrachari. Go to Khagrachari and visit Alutila, Risang Jharna, Zila Parishad Park, Hanging Bridge and do some shopping at your own pace in the evening. Have dinner around 8pm and return to Dhaka by 9am bus.

Buses: Shyamoli, Eagle, Shanti, Non-AC 2/2 Hinobus—36 seats.

Resort : Himalaya Eco Resort/Tareng Eco Resort

Jeep : Mahindra/Tata New Model White Jeep – 12 seats.

Group Freshroom : To be taken if necessary.

Tour Fee Deposit Details

Tour fee can be deposited from any branch of Islami Bank. Account No. 28914, ATM Rezaul Haque, Uttara Branch.

Apart from this, you can also deposit the tour fee through Bkash.

Vikas Personal Number : 01683-800780.

2020 should be developed to secure the seat, which is offerable. You can deposit money directly by going to Bedouin’s office.


Subastu Tower, Showroom No. 132, 2nd Floor, Elephant Road.

Contact: 01307-403933 or 01716-207403

Everything will be omitted on the tour

Highway food on first night of travel, any personal expenses, coke, chips, chanachur, cigarettes. Drug possession is completely prohibited. Apart from this, no waste can be thrown which harms the environment.

Good to know

1. Terms and conditions will be followed as per organization rules.

2. The organization reserves the right to change and modify the tour plan in case of any natural calamity or political unrest.

3. The food menu may change depending on the situation and venue. Although everything is predetermined.

4. There is no electricity in Saje. You can charge phone camera through generator and solar. You can take a power bank with you.

5. Sajeke will get Robi, Airtel and Teletalk network frequencies. Take the SIM of the mentioned operator with you.

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