Two and a half thousand stars in the supermoon

Two and a half thousand stars in the supermoon

Who does not like the glittering silver light of the moon in the darkness of the night. And if the brightness of this light is 30 percent more than a normal full moon, what if the moon appears 14 percent bigger? Think about it.

The night of Monday, November 14 will be like that. That night, the moon will be closest to Earth in nearly 70 years. It will therefore be the super among the supermoons.

Where do you want to go in this soft silver light? Then you can go to Meghna Char of Araihajar Upazila of Narayanganj with both eyes fully open.

There you will find water all around. Sitting on the secluded pasture in the middle, you will be swept away by the light of the silver chandelier in a magical net of pleasure.

You can go in the afternoon before enjoying the luxury of Jyotsna at night. Then you will get wobbly water. sand beach Seeing the water will make you want to jump.

If anyone wants, they can rent a huge trawler and float in the Meghna. You can stay in that trawler at night. If you want, you can also do camping in a tent.

There is a two-and-a-half-kilometer Kashban next to the Meghna Char in Araihajar. Fishermen caught fish in the Meghna all night. There are red lights all over the river.
There is no problem with security either. Women, men and children can all go.

If one cannot go individually, one can go as a group. In both cases you can take the help of local resident traveler Shahinur Araihazari. You can also join his event if you want. He opened two events on the Beautiful Araihajar group page on Facebook. On a November 14 night. Another on the night of November 18. Anyone can attend either or both events. The cost may be 600 to 700 rupees.

The event will include all-night chats, music. According to Shahinur Araihazari, there will be antique food and drink, bar BQ. The special attraction will be the flute music of the flute player. With jyotsna khawa free (mind food). For details of the event, you can call Shahinur Arai Hazari at 1611252500, 1757040929. You can see the page of beautiful two and a half thousand on Facebook .

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