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Unique Bus Service – Dhaka to Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna, Sirajganj, Magura, Cox’s Bazar Bus Service



Unique Service Bangladesh is a popular non-AC bus service. There is a unique service in different district cities from Dhaka.

Please note, all the information related to the Unique Services, such as their contact number, counter location, area-based countdown location, all updated information will be available. But there are some practical problems such as location changes, number of changes, and the head of the service may have temporary interruptions. Moreover, some counters stop their services from time to time; Your complaint, our advice to solve all these problems, is desirable for us, so if you want, you can inform us by e-mail at this address- hridayahmed22@gmail.com.

If you do not have time to go to the counter, failing to contact them, there is no reason to worry, we book all types of bus tickets for immediate or advance. Make a ticket booking by calling our customer care.

Dhaka Bus Counter

240/ka, Bagbari, Gabtoli Bus Terminal North side,

Abdul Mojid Khan Tower ground floor.

Phone: 029002710, 01963-622223

15, BRTC Market, Kollaynpur.

Phone: 01963-622224, 01821-498833

Asad gate, East side.

Phone: 029133917, 01963-622225.

13/2 Ayesha Complex, Patho-Path, Sukrabad

Phone: 029133028, 01963-622279.

Fokirapul, Ground Floor of Hotel Asor

Phone: 027195761, 027195988, 01963-622226, 01963-622227

Fokirapul TNT Koloni, ground floor of the Mosque

Phone: 027191237, 027195987, 01963-622228

36, Komlapur, BRTC Bus Counter

Phone: 029337846, 01963-622229

60/1 Atish Diponkor Road, Mugdha Stadium South part

 Phone: 02-7277327, 02-7278175, 01963-622230, 01963-622231

Golapbag Stadium Market

Phone: 02-7540027, 01963-622232

Saidabad, Beside Hujur Bari gate

Phone: 02-7540058, 01963-622233

10/1-C, Saidabad

Phone: 02-7546377, 01963-622234

33, Saidabad Highway Road (Jonopath Road)

Phone: 02-7540012, 01963-622235

44/4 – A, Uttor Jatrabari (Besides Uttara Bank)

Phone: 02-7540008, 01963-622236

Chittagong Road (Mukti Soroni)

Phone: 01963-622237, 01819-692079

Kochukhet Office, Mirpur

Phone: 01963-622239, 01711-023886

Mirpur 10, Dhaka

Phone: 02-8054813, 01963-622240

Nodda Buking Office

Phone: 01963-622238, 01559-666468

Chittagong Bus Counter

82 Station Road (Ground floor of wheel gateway)

Phone: 031-619543, 01963-622252

1/1 Station Road (BRTC Bus Terminal)

Phone: 031-611661, 01963-622253

Dampara, Jakir Hossain Road, Besides Goribullah Shah Majar

Phone: 031-618905, 01963-622254

A K Khan Gate, Abdur Rahim Tower

Phone: 031-2770983, 01963-622255

Boro Pull, Hali Sohor

Phone: 01963-622258, 01710-344247

Navy Hospital Gate 2, M A Ajij Road

Phone: 031-800351, 01963-622257

Bayojid Bostami Road

Phone: 01963-622256, 01712-282013

1no Vatiyari Bazar

Phone: 01963-622259

Coto Kumira Office

Phone:  01963-622260

Sitakundo DT Road

Phone: 01963-622261

Mirsorai Bazar, Tamriz Bhobon (Mosque Market)

Phone: 01963-622262

Feni Counter

Feni Boking Counter

Phone: 01963-622265

Cox’s Bazar Counter

Jautola Main Road (Beside Sohag Counter)

Phone: 0341-51851, 01963-622217

Galaxy Resort, Kolatoli Road

Phone:  01963-622270

Auster Eco, Opposite side of Hotel Si-Place

Phone: 01963-622269

Cokoria Bus Terminal

Phone: 01963-622272

Cokoria, Old S Alam Counter

Harunur Rashid

Phone: 01985-650479, 01689-840531

Cokoria, Old S Alam Counter


Phone: 01838-333334, 01317-676708

Rangamati Counter

Infront of Indropuri Cinema Hall

Phone: 0351-61678, 01963-622273

Anita Audio, Tabol Chori Bazar

Phone: 0351-61561

Bandarban Counter

Bandarban Bus Stand

Phone:  0361-63532, 01963-622275, 01553-208010

Sirajganj Counter

Sirajganj Bazar Station (west side of Zaker Party Office), New Dhaka Road

Phone: 01963-622276, 01728-217074, 01912-595904

Sirajganj Koddar Mor

Phone: 01963-622277, 01712-135633

Chuyadanga Office

Dorshona Rail Bazar, Main Road

Phone: 01963-622278, 01712-810991

Khulna Counter

Khalispur Bus Stand

Phone: 01713-901368

Jhenaidah Counter

Court Chadpur Main bus Stand

Phone: 01719-563645

Jhenaidah Central Bus Stand

Phone:  01712-509372

Kaliganj Bus Stand

Phone: 01718-059082

Magura Counter

Magura Bus Stand

Phone: 01716-362343

Sylhet Counter

Majar gate -1

Phone: 01963-622245

Majar gate -2

Phone: 01963-622246

Sobhani Ghat

Phone: 01963-622247


Phone: 01963-622248

Humayun Chottor

Phone: 01963-622249

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