Visit Adinath Temple in Maheshkhali

Visit Adinath Temple in Maheshkhali

If I got a beautiful face, if I got a new face, Maheshkhali’s paner khili tare banai khabaitam—there are very few people who have not heard this regional song. Why not drink Maheshkhali while visiting Cox’s Bazar!

Maheshkhali is a beautiful island in Cox’s Bazar district. In the midst of life’s thousands of busynesses, the opportunity to travel a little brings life-giving energy. So if you get a holiday, whether alone or in a group, if you want to use the time, visit Maheshkhali with your family.

It is only 15 km from Cox’s Bazar. According to legend, this island was separated from the mainland in 1559 by a severe storm and tidal wave. The island is 362 square kilometers in area.

Maheshkhali upazila has three small islands namely Sonadia Matarbari and Dhalghata. This upazila has a reputation in the whole of Bangladesh for the production of betel, fish, dried fruits, shrimps, salt and pearls. Maheshkhali Island can be visited from Cox’s Bazar in four to five hours.

To go to Maheshkhali from any part of Cox’s Bazar city, you have to go to Jetty number six ghat. Then you have to go to Maheshkhali by local trawler or speedboat for 70-80 taka. If you want, you can reserve the speedboat.

It takes about 30 minutes to go to Maheshekhali by speedboat from the jetty. A speedboat crossing the Bangkhali Channel is a great time. In the morning, you will reach your destination only to see the sun and the beautiful beauty of the river. This island has huge mountains and beautiful scenery.

The main attraction of Maheshkhali is the Adinath Temple, which has to be taken from the speedboat to Maheshkhali Jetty Ghat by battery-powered TomTom or Easybike. There are several Buddhist monasteries, big and small. A visit to the famous Adinath Temple and Buddhist Vihara will fill your mind with serenity.

The Adinath temple is located on the top of the 85.3 meter high Mainak hill. The temple has to be climbed by 69 stairs made by cutting the mountain slope. The historical importance of this temple is known in various books of Hinduism. The early history of the temple is fascinating. Apart from this, Adinath Mela is held here every year in the month of Fagun. On the way, you will see the famous Paner baraj and salt field of Maheshkhali.

The best aspect of Maheshkhali is that it is a self-contained terrain. Maheshkhali will have many more things to see in a day’s journey.

A small market will be seen near the stairs to Adinath Temple. The local Rakhines have arranged various types of clothes. All the shops are decorated with different kinds of clothes including chadar, Punjabi, mufflers.

Many shops are crowded with tourists. Almost everything here is made by locals. Local Rakhines make their own style of clothing. Foodies can buy unsalted dried fruit.

Being a short distance one can easily return from Maheshkhali. Apart from this, there is no accommodation in Maheshkhali, so come back to Cox’s Bazar for overnight stay. It would be better to take food and water from Cox’s Bazar. If you have children with you, you have to be careful while riding the speedboat.

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