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Visit Miabari Mosque in Barisal

Visit Miabari Mosque in Barisal

Visit Miabari Mosque in Barisal

Visit Miabari Mosque in Barisal

Miyabari Mosque is an architecturally beautiful attraction in Raipasha village of Karapur Union of Barisal Sadar. It is believed to have been built in 1800 AD. The mosque is located just nine kilometers from Hatim Ali College Choumatha in Barisal. Karapur Miabari Mosque is an ancient mosque of Bangladesh built during the Mughal period. This two-storied mosque looks very beautiful and elaborate.

Beneath the mosque is a six-door housing system. There is accommodation for the students of established madrasas. The beauty of the main mosque is enhanced by focusing on the two floors. The two-storey mosque has excellent design work throughout. The main mosque has three gates, eight big minarets are built on pillars around the mosque. There are 12 smaller minarets between the big minarets. Again the space between the small minarets is decorated with beautiful craftsmanship. There are three big domes in the middle of the mosque. The central dome is the largest, the inner part of which also contains a collection of beautiful designs.

There is a legend about the construction history of the mosque, Miyabari Mosque was built in the beginning of the British period in the greater Barisal region. The mosque was built by Hayat Mahmud, who declared rebellion against the British rule. Due to the rebellion, the British rulers exiled him to Prince of Wales Island. The British also took away his zamindari of Umedpur. After being in exile for 16 years, he returned home and built this mosque with two dighis and two floors. On the eastern side of the Miyabari Mosque, there is a huge pond covering several acres of land, which adds to the beauty of the mosque. There is an elegant staircase to climb to the second floor of the mosque. There is also seating for worshipers under the stairs. The mosque reflects the Islamic taste and high mentality in architecture.

Transportation: From Barisal Launch Ghat or Bus Stand, you have to go to Hatem Ali Chowmatha by auto, the fare is Tk 10. Visit this landmark in just a few hours by Mahindra Reserve from Chaumatha.

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