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Visit the ancient temple of Rayerkathi

Visit the ancient temple of Rayerkathi

Visit the ancient temple of Rayerkathi

Visit the ancient temple of Rayerkathi

During the reign of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, in 1658 Raja Rudra Narayan Roy Chowdhury, son of Srinath Roy, established the Zamindari in present-day Pirojpur region. At that time, the forest was cut and cleared and the royal palace was built here. He built a temple. Built around 400 years ago, the temple is still a witness of the times. The pillars of the temple have fallen. However, history and heritage seekers are rushing to see these signs with their own eyes every day.

The Rajbari is located in Rayerkathi village, three kilometers north of Pirojpur city. This temple is located on the east side of the Rajbari established on 200 acres of land. This ancient temple has 11 mutts of 75 feet height. Those artistic installations are charming even in carelessness. The temple bears many ancient monuments including brickwork about 30 inches thick, temple roof made of lime-surki mixture, stone Shiva idol. The main attraction here is the precious stone Kali and Shiva idols. A five and a half feet long and 25 maund weight Shivalinga idol is here. Which is the largest Shiva idol in the subcontinent.

One of the attractions of the temple to the visitors is the Tia bird here. Many birds have been living in the chambers of the temple walls since ancient times. Locals say that these birds are not disturbed by the locals. As a result the place has become a bird sanctuary. Tia birds have become one of the temple’s appendages over time. There is a huge lotus pond inside the temple area. The pond takes a great shape with the smile of lotus flowers.

Most of the buildings of the temple are on the way to destruction due to the evolution of time. Due to lack of renovation, lofty monasteries are collapsing. It is known that the zamindari system was introduced after the abolition of the royal system. And Rudra Narayan’s successors turned from kings to landlords. Once upon a time Kali Puja was done by sacrificing a buffalo in the royal palace. However, after the abolition of zamindari system, Rajbari lost its charm. However, as an ancient tradition, fairs are still organized twice a year in this temple. Sanatana devotees meet here for fairs organized on Bhaimi Ekadashi and Shiva Chaturdashi.

Travel: You can go to Pirojpur by boat or bus from Dhaka. Then you can go to the temple from the CA junction of the city by a local autorickshaw at a fare of Tk 10 per person. Rest house of ‘Dak Die Jai’ or ‘Uddipan’ NGO would be good for accommodation. Apart from this, there are many residential hotels. So visit the ancient temple of Rayerkathi. If you go to Pirojpur, don’t forget to spend twilight at Bhairab Bridge.

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