Visit the cleanest village in Asia – Maolinong Village

Visit the cleanest village in Asia

he cleanest village in Asia is ‘Maolinong Village’. The village is located about 90 km from Shillong. From scenic views to traditional local culture, this village offers everything. You can enjoy pleasant time in this village. The village bans the use of plastic. If you want to enjoy the beauty of rural Meghalaya and witness the lifestyle of the Khasi tribe then ‘Maolinong Village’ will be the perfect destination for you.

  • cleanliness

Maolinong is one of the cleanest villages in Asia. Villagers maintain their village. They always like to keep their village clean. There is no garbage in this village. The locals here are very conscious about maintaining cleanliness. There are garbage bins at every corner of this village. Where tourists and locals leave their garbage.

  •  living bridge

There is a place called Riwai in Maolinong. It is located approximately 8 km from the village. Here is a living bridge of tree roots. It is about 300 years old man-made bridge. The bridge stands by connecting rubber tree roots around the trunk of a betel tree. Its roots are growing over time. The bridge is a natural wonder. Many tourists come from far away to see this living bridge.

  • natural beauty

Maolinong village is covered by green forest. It is located amidst rolling hills. The village is surrounded by natural beauty including waterfalls, streams and forests. Which has become a great place for nature lovers.

  • Bamboo bridge

Bamboo bridges are a unique feature of Meghalaya’s rural landscape. Especially its bridges are found in Khasi and Jaintia hills. Locals here use bamboo to build bridges. They are quite robust and durable. Which is also environment friendly.

  • Epiphany Church

The nearest church to Maolinong is Epiphany Church. The church was built in 1902. It is located in the nearby village of Riwai. This church is a popular tourist attraction. The church is known for its beautiful architecture and scenic location.

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