Visit the kingdom of roses

Visit the kingdom of roses

The name of the village is Sadullapur, whose name is Golapgram. The whole village is like a rose garden. The smell of roses is spreading in the village. Both high and low streets of the village are covered with red sheets. The beauty of red, yellow and white roses fascinates everyone. Its location is in Birulia Union of Savar near Dhaka. To get rid of the tiredness of the busy city life, you can visit the kingdom of roses.

The dewy sweet light of the winter morning will blow everyone’s mind. This village is named Golapgram for rose cultivation. Flowers are cultivated here for twelve months. About thirty-six acres of land is covered with flowers of different colors. Apart from roses, six to seven types of flowers are cultivated here. These include chrysanthemums, mums, gerbera, gladiolus, kerandla, rosygandha and gypsy.

Flowers are cultivated here throughout the year. Farmers pick flowers every day. Produced flowers are marketed and spread in districts. Many people visit Golapgram every day. Girls wear sarees and walk along the winding path of the rose garden. Rose in hand, crown of flowers on head. This is like the queen of the rose kingdom. Farmers are busy picking flowers. A bouquet of fifty rose flowers is sold for Tk 250. Red roses in everyone’s hands. Here anyone will feel better in no time. The mind will be lost for a while among the flowers.

Golapgram is the perfect place for a short visit around Dhaka. The scenic view can be enjoyed for only 150 to 200 rupees.

how to go

You have to come to Gabtali bus stand from anywhere in Dhaka. From Gabtali, take the bus and get down at Savar bus stand. Bus fare 25 taka. Golapgram can be directly reached by auto rickshaw from the bus stand. The distance is about six to seven kilometers. Reserve autorickshaw fare is one hundred rupees. The rent per head is thirty rupees.


Golapgram has a tea-biscuit and snack shop. Apart from this, Sadullapur market is nearby if you want to eat something good. Rickshaw fare from Golapgram is only ten rupees. There are food hotels and breakfast shops. Or someone can come to Savar and eat at a good restaurant.


Do not tear the flowers. Do not enter the flower garden. Avoid doing things that disturb the people of the village.

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