We also have amazing Rangamati

We also have amazing Rangamati

Ihave seen the face of Bengal, so I don’t go looking for the shape of the world anymore – this poem by poet Jibanananda Das has undoubtedly attracted the travelers of the world to the diversity of forms and breathtaking natural beauty of Bangladesh. Rangamati district is our favorite natural gem of Bangladesh of fifty six thousand square miles. In consideration of geographical features, natural beauty, history-tradition, harmony and diverse socio-culture, the best poets, writers and lyricists of Bengali language have written enchanting beautiful poems and songs, being fascinated by the nature of this district, which is known as the queen of the mountains.

The blue sky touching the horizon, the high mountains surrounded by greenery and the blue flowing lake. A cold clear stream flows like a sputum from the fountain around the high mountain. It is as if the queen of the mountains is calling out to the kingdom of my form with a beautiful form of honey. A strong desire to travel to this district, which is a treasure trove of natural forms, was created in that student life. So, as soon as I got the invitation to travel to Rangamati, I agreed without delay due to strong desire.

This time the Rangamati tour has been organized by the Law Reporters Forum. L’Reportas Forum is an organization of media reporters working on law, courts and judicial administration. This organization was born in 2001 due to professional needs. This forum has been playing a desirable role in reforming the existing laws and making up-to-date laws by organizing thematic seminars and symposiums in addition to various training workshops for the professional skills and upgradation of the members. As a result, the organization has become known as a prestigious organization among journalists’ organizations in the country. It has also become a tradition of the organization to organize a family tour every year to the attractive tourist areas developed in different regions of the country. As a result, the tour of the Law Reporters Forum has become a different kind of desire among our family members.

After being closed for a long time due to the global epidemic corona-situation, the government opened the country’s tourist centers on August 19 on the condition of complying with hygiene rules. In keeping with all norms, LawReporters Forum organized a family tour to Rangamati from 2nd September to 5th September. The four-day event of 48 members and their family members totaling 115 people was indeed a huge challenge for the forum.

On September 2nd at 11 pm we boarded three luxury buses from the front of Dhaka’s Arambagh traditional Notre Dame College and started our journey to Rangamati, the queen of our hearts. Around 1.30 am the buses carrying us passed Comilla Cantonment and halted at Zamzam Highway Restaurant. Mizanur Rahman himself, the owner of the restaurant, received us as guests with flowers. His hearty hospitality at midnight impressed us. The restaurant also has excellent arrangements for children’s sports and entertainment.

It was half past two in the night. After eating and drinking, Mizan said goodbye to his brother when he got up and saw that no one’s wife and children were with him. Everyone’s wife is busy taking care of the kids in that entertainment center. Some of the children are running, some are spinning, some are swinging. When co-worker Jake tries to get his young son out of the swing, he refuses to budge. Shout out, ‘I will not go to Dhaka so soon. I will stay here more, travel more.’ Other children like him are in the same situation. They all thought that this was probably our picnic spot. It was 3 o’clock in the night when the bus took them out from Zamzam Highway restaurant in Comilla. Deep sleep on the bus seat.

After crossing the border of Chittagong, the buses carrying us woke up after climbing the hilly road of Rangamati. In the bus, I removed the curtain of the window and looked outside to see the sun peeking through the gaps of the green trees of the mountain and spreading a golden glow. The morning sun in the dense foliage of the hills seems to be escaping and coming back with a sweet smile on Priya’s eyes. The mischievous sun is pouring its sweet light on the bare forest hills making the beauty of the hills even more beautiful. This is a magical form.

The bus is moving forward. Rows of high mountains and lakes are left behind to thrill everyone. After a couple of hours, the bus carrying us stopped in front of Hotel Sophia International in Rangamati. Rooms were already allotted. There is no better quality hotel or motel in Rangamati to accommodate a hundred and ten people. Two spacious rooms have been reserved for our family of five. After entering the room, I realized that the impact of the global epidemic corona has also passed over this hotel. The impact of Corona has affected all the sectors of the country more or less. Among them, the tourism sector has suffered a little more. Due to government restrictions, hotels and motels in all tourist areas of the country, including Rangamati, were closed for many days. For our tour after the ban was lifted, the hotel authorities had brought in the staff a few days ago to thoroughly clean the hotel.

After everyone went to their respective rooms and freshened up, members of the Executive Committee of the Law Reporters Forum were knocking on the door with breakfast packets and water. Deep sleep after breakfast. I woke up and saw the situation during Friday prayers. After going to the nearby Jame Masjid, after performing the Friday prayers, we returned to the hotel and sat together at the lunch table. The taste of Rangamati lake fish is like a fairy tale. He who has not tasted the fish of this lake, will remain deprived of the true taste of fish. Different types of fish are being served with the food and the hotel waiters are describing their taste and quality at the same time. Satisfied lunch came back to the hotel room and after some rest we all went to Paulwell Park in the afternoon.

Polwell Park is one of the newly developed Rangamati attractions. This park built on the banks of Kaptai Lake is managed by the Rangamati District Police. The wonderful combination of beautiful nature and modern architecture makes the park especially attractive to tourists. ‘Love Point’ is one of the attractions of the park. Inside this love point there is a special wheel of love lock known as ‘love’ symbol. Many come here together with a lock to perpetuate the bond of love. I saw some young men and women entwining themselves inside a huge wheel made of iron and rods, hanging a lock together and throwing the key into the lake to make their love permanent. Seeing hundreds of locks hanging here with colorful and different designs, we feel like hanging a lock and throwing the key into the water of the lake. However, as the lock was not with him, this wish was ultimately left unfulfilled and he tightened his wife’s hand in the evening

The program of the second day of our joyous event included the visit of Shublong Jharna and Shublong Bazar. By 8 o’clock in the morning we all boarded the Bhada Carey tourist launch at Fishery Ghat. A very nice and interesting launch had breakfast for all of us. The launch moves through the winding lake. At the end of the breakfast, the charming cultural program began. It was great to see our children competing to ‘best perform’. On either side of the lake are green hills. Sometimes there are small islands in the water of the lake. Sometimes the springs come down the hill and disappear into the lake water. Rangamati, the beauty of nature, is wearing the queen’s crown in the mix of lakes, mountains and fountains. The flowing softness of the clear water of the lake with the towering mountains around it is mind-blowing. The mind has also been swayed by the small launch. lake,

After sailing for about two hours, the launch carrying us went and anchored at Shublong Bazar. Very remote hill market. The shopkeepers are sitting with various kinds of goods. As there are Bengalis among the shopkeepers, there are also people from small ethnic groups. Shopkeepers are very happy with hundreds of people in the market together. In addition to everyday products, the market also has local fruits. Some of us also buy some from the market. We boarded the launch again from the market and went to Shublong Jharna.

This autumn also as if the spring was waiting for us with full youth. Water is constantly flowing from the fountain. All at once surrendering themselves to the fountain, what is the exhilaration! From the top of a very high mountain, the water is falling with silvery glistening charm. Below, hundreds of tourists are dancing together to the beat of the band. The scene was quite enjoyable. After cooling down the body in the cold water of the spring, it was late afternoon to take the launch to Rangamati city.

The cultural program organized that evening was one to remember. Cultural programs are organized in Rangamati city with local artists. The program runs from 7 pm to 11 pm continuously. In the event, food and drink and distribution of prizes and interesting raffle draw will be held in between the songs. The Law Reporters Forum organizes awards for members and their spouses and children.

In the cultural program, famous artistes of minority groups perform songs in their own language, besides they also highlight the description and sentiments of the songs. In the song, they also highlighted their own traditions, mutual harmony and brotherhood. Rangamati has a harmonious coexistence of 11 different communities amidst natural beauty. The district is particularly well known for its distinct dress, food, language and culture of the communities. They are also trying hard to build an international tourism center.

Another interesting place to visit is the Buddhist pilgrimage site Rajvan Vihar. This pilgrimage site is located in Rajbari area of ​​the city. Hundreds of tourists come to visit Rajban Vihar. On the third morning of our tour, after breakfast, we left to visit Buddhist shrines. Since the outbreak of Corona, the entry of visitors has been restricted. As he approached the gate, a Buddhist monk came forward. He visited some areas. Hundreds of monkeys live around Bihar. Monkeys are also worth seeing here. All the monkeys seem to be trained. Jumping in different ways, some of them are moving in a nawabi style. One again climbs the tree and sits on the branch and shakes the branch to convey its characteristics. Taking out his mobile phone from his pocket to take a picture, the Buddhist monk warned and said, Handle the mobile phone carefully. If he gets a chance, he will jump up the tree at once. Even after a lot of pleading, you won’t get it back. However, if the monkey wishes or gives food, it can be returned.

Rangamati came to travel, but did not climb the suspension bridge. Then assume your Rangamati trip is not complete. So this bridge is the center of attraction for tourists. Hence it is called ‘Symbol of Rangamati’. The last leg of our tour program was to visit the suspension bridge. This bridge connects two mountains separated by Kaptai Lake. Every day thousands of tourists come to stand on this bridge to admire the beauty of mountains and lakes.

The tourism industry is now recognized as one of the most important industries in the entire world. The tourism industry is the main source of income for many countries. Their economic activities are being conducted around this industry. Sujla-Sufla Garan-Shyamla has immense potential in the tourism industry in our beloved Bangladesh. Rangamati is one of the few places of interest that are attracting tourists from all over the world by opening the doors of the tourism industry.

Many countries have many sights that have gained worldwide fame. We also have Rangamati. After spending three days here, when we boarded the bus to return to work in Dhaka, there was a shadow of dissatisfaction on everyone’s face. Everyone heard the hope that the colors of this immense beauty of Rangamati would spread all over the world.

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