West Bengal’s Bethuadhari is the night and day of the forest

West Bengal’s Bethuadhari is the night and day of the forest

Want to get lost in the lap of nature by touching the smell of soft soil? Or do you want to stand in the lap of the forest surrounded by green forests and observe the wonderful view of life? Then come to Bethuadhari Sanctuary in West Bengal. Close to the city of Kolkata, one can visit Bethuadhari Sanctuary at low cost. This sanctuary is located in Nadia district next to Kolkata. Covering around 167 acres of land, the Bethuadhari Sanctuary offers a secluded retreat amidst wildlife and unnamed species of trees; Where Shall, Teak, Pial, Tamal, Mahogany, Arjuna and Nagkesar trees and every kind of shrub will make your retirement green. The calls of all kinds of birds, known and unknown, will make you forget your urban existence.

If you come to Bethuadhari sanctuary, you will see deer. Cheetah deer is one of the attractions of this forest. Apart from this, there are wild animals like wild cat, rabbit, peacock, gharial, python, boar etc. It is said that Bethua is the name of a plant, and Dohri means water body. This place was once a pond of bethuta shak. Since then it has been named Bethuadhari. The forest houses a museum named after Dwijendralal Roy. Apart from this, various information related to animal conservation can be known from here.

If you stay in this forest bungalow, you will easily see deer. In the evening, a group of deer came around the forest bungalow. You will see them very closely as extras. There is a road named after Salim Ali Saheb, along which large cages house peacocks, rabbits, nilgai and various species of colorful birds. You can see gharial pond here. Where groups of gharials bask in unbroken leisure. Turtles can be seen here. If you step on the green path of the forest, you will see different kinds of butterflies flying on different colored wings. You will see many colorful birds.

how to go

From Kolkata’s Sealdah station, take a train to Lalgola to reach Bethuadhari. It will take about three and a half hours. Apart from this, Bethuadhari can also be reached by bus from Kolkata’s Esplanade. And you can go by private car. In that case you will reach Bethuadhari via Krishnanagar along National Highway No. 34.

where will you stay

WSFD has cottages in the forest. There are Bedouin guesthouses. But book accommodation before going.

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